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Before we get to tonight’s recap, can we talk a little bit about strategy in the Big Brother house this season? Or rather, the lack thereof? The Athletes have Jessie and he’s familiar with how the game works, so here’s an advantage there but by Casey and Jeff’s reactions to Casey being put up on the block, you would think they’d never seen an episode of this show. Jeff must not realize that the game is about more than competitions and Casey, who clearly showed little regard for the Veto competition, definitely isn’t seeing the big picture… Well, he is now. I’m sure his perspective on the game from outside the house is a lot clearer than it was before today.

Filler in tonight’s episode included Lydia going into full-on stalker mode as she snuck up to Jessie’s HoH room and climbed into bed next to him to watch him sleep. As we listened to her talk in the diary room about the “few things she could do” to get revenge on him while he slept if he were to ever wrong her, we saw Lydia slip silently out of Jessie’s bedroom. He never woke up. Now, I could argue that Lydia’s getting a decidedly bad edit from the BB producers here but her creepy words in the DR came right from her mouth. I have to wonder if Jessie’s fully aware of just how far Lydia’s “kindergarten crush” is going.

And on the less creepy showmance side, Jordan’s family was shown watching their girl make googly eyes at Jeff. Jordan’s mother Jackie thinks Jeff could be the one… maybe. Meanwhile, Jeff’s mother thinks he and Jordan are cut from the same cloth as she and her family sat in their wood-paneled living room and watched Jeff botch the Veto competition with his whopper of a word, “Technotronics.” Jordan’s mom went on to say that Jeff and Jordan would make pretty babies. That’s probably true, though those adorable babies probably won’t be the best spellers or time-tellers.

On to the live portion of the episode: Julie put Natalie on the spot by asking her about the blow-up she had with Lydia. While Natalie did admit that the bed situation was just the straw that broke the camel’s back, she refused to admit to the big, egotistical elephant in the room. Cut to Jessie looking awkward as Natalie and Lydia giggled nervously. During Jessie’s HoH interview with Julie, Jessie claimed his relationship with both girls was completely platonic and more for game purposes. He also went on to say that they could both be playing him. Julie went on to call Jessie out on his true feelings with the “if you were stranded on a desert island and had to pick one of the two girls…” question and Jessie refused to answer. Julie then broke from Chenbot form to exclaim a simple “Lame!” and afterward, let him off the hook.

Casey’s pre-vote speech had Ronnie smiling proudly as the banana-clad teacher called him out for having a god complex. Jessie didn’t look nearly as smug as Casey went on to say that he had the IQ and the personality of a banana. I have to say, I think Casey might have topped Chima with his little rant. I wished what he said was enough to win him some more votes. It would’ve been far more interesting to see him stick around and come after Ronnie and Jessie than it will be to see Jordan continue her showmance with Jeff. Sure, she’s adorable but come on. Let’s see more game in this game! Bring on the drama!

Casey was evicted by a vote of seven to one, Russell being the only one to vote against Jordan. Casey took a few moments to tell Jessie off as he headed toward the door. Jessie kept his cool and let Natalie do all the talking as Casey went off about him going against his word.

After Casey’s eviction, Julie announced that the cliques are done. No one is protected by their group anymore. She went on to say that one of them would soon be granted a “mystery power” that could completely change the course of the game. Only the person who receives it will know what the power is. They’ll have two weeks to use it and it must be kept a secret until the moment it’s used. America will decide who gets the power. The only way to guaranty their safety is to win the HoH and/or the Veto. Bring on the Coup D’Etat! After leaving the houseguests to speculate for a few minutes, Julie addressed the viewers to explain more about this little twist.

During either of the next two evictions, the winner of the coup d’etat will have the power to replace one of the nominees right before the live votes during one of the next two live evictions. Who do you think deserves that power? I don’t know why, but I’d love to see Russell get it. Sure, he’s got a short temper and hasn’t always been a good sport but he’s playing the game. I’d love to see him surprise everyone with this. Plus, I think he’d actually have the guts to use it. We’ll have to wait and see who America picks.

Tonight’s Head of Household competition is an endurance one. The houseguests are set up on swings that rotate on a huge wheel. Water is spraying down on them and a big foam diploma is hitting them as they rotate. With the cliques broken up and this new twist, I’m thinking all of the eligible houseguests are going to hang on to those swings for as long as they can but Chima was already complaining about dizziness, so I doubt she’ll be the last person standing in this competition.

Head of Household Spoilers ahead!

Looking at the live feeds as the HoH competition goes on:

When the feeds came back up, Lydia and Kevin were both down. Everyone else still up and spinning away...

Ronnie's out and I'm hearing reports that Michele was throwing up from her swing.

Natalie is down.

Chima's down.

Michele is out. From what it looks like, Russell and Jeff are the only ones left. Let the wheeling and dealing begin!

Competition went passed midnight (EST). Just got up and checked It looks like Russell is the new Head of Household.

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