TV Recap: Entourage - Adios Amigos

Entourage closed out its third season tonight with the episode titled ‘Adios Amigos.’ The title of the episode didn’t become clear until the final moments but we’ll get to that in a bit. It looks like Vince’s movie is going to get made but in order for the check to get signed, sacrifices had to be made. The boys moved out of the mansion and the gang is now split up – hopefully temporarily.


In the last episode, Eric and Vince were trying to get Prince Yair to finance their movie. At the end of the episode, Yair told Vince to go upstairs and sleep with his wife. We assumed he’d do it but apparently we underestimated Vince’s virtue. He refused to prostitute himself just to get the movie made and walked away from the deal.

As luck would have it, Nicky Rubenstein just turned 35 and came into his trust fund. Ari said he wanted to get out from under his father’s shadow and that financing this movie would be a good way to do it. Vince and Eric go to meet with him and talk about who they can get for a director. The money Nicky’s willing to spend on the film is about half of what the other studios are quoting for it. This means they have to find a director that wont cost a fortune and can stretch a budget. Vince suggests Billy Walsh, the guy who directed Queens Boulevard.

Since seeing his movie get butchered by the studio, Billy decided to stop producing big pictures and turned to the porn industry to exercise his directing skills. When Vince and Eric go to meet with him to see if he’ll do Medellin they find him working on his latest movie and going by the name Wally Balls. Billy’s seriously disagreeable to the idea of making another movie if it means the studio is going to have the final cut. He bickers with Eric about this but Vince is able to convince him to at least read the script. When Billy sees that the movie is about Pablo Escobar, he flips out and agrees to do the movie.

The problems start when Billy and Nicky begin negotiations. Billy demands more money and final cut of the film. When the group sits down to work out the details, Ari appeals to Nicky’s desire to prove himself to his father and the industry and Nicky eventually gives in. He gives Billy the fee he was demanding and agrees to let him have the final cut of the film. Everyone is relieved but later, as they’re about to celebrate, Billy calls Eric and tells him he’s decided to film the whole movie in Spanish. Eric is concerned about this but there’s pretty much nothing they can do now so they toast their success.

Eric and Sloan

The guys need to find a new place to live since Vince sold the mansion. Eric decided to save money by staying with Sloan. The guys gave him a hard time over this, which caused Eric to become a bit insecure about the situation. After canceling their lunch and then dinner plans, he has a conversation with Sloan about their future together. She doesn’t want to be waiting around for him while he’s in Columbia if he’s not serious about things. Later, Vince tells Eric that he doesn’t have to go to Columbia with them while they shoot the movie. Eric responded by saying that this is their make-or-break movie and he wants to be with it all the way. When Vince asked him what he’d do if Sloan can’t handle that, Eric basically shrugged, implying that this movie comes first and she’ll either have to deal with that or move on.


While Vince is shacked up in a hotel, Drama decides to get his own place. He doesn’t know whether or not ‘Five Towns’ will get picked up for a full season so he decides to play it safe and rent a small studio apartment. When Shauna (she’s back!) hears about this from Us Weekly minutes after Drama signs the lease, she yells at him and tells him it doesn’t look good for him to be staying in a low-rent apartment while Vince is broke. She recommends an apartment in Beverly Hills. Drama and Turtle head over to look at it but get the address wrong and end up viewing a gorgeous condo with a kitchen filled with Viking appliances. The price is way too high though so they go to look at the apartment Shauna recommended. It’s nice but Drama’s in love with the condo.

Vince tells Drama to go make an offer and if they accept, take it but if they don’t, just walk away. Drama tries to negotiate with the realtor but the price is fixed. Despite Turtle trying to get him to walk away, Drama ends up offering $100,000 above the asking price to beat out another bid. So much for playing it safe! Let’s hope ‘Five Towns’ gets picked up!

And that’s about it. Vince’s movie is going to get made as long as Nicky, Eric and Billy can manage to get along.

While that was the season finale, we wont have to wait long for the fourth season to start up. New episodes begin airing June 17th.

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