TV Recap: Entourage - The Resurrection

Victory! Tonight’s episode of ‘Entourage,’ titled “The Resurrection” was surprisingly entertaining. From Drama’s “rub ‘n tug” (ew!) to Turtle getting in a fender bender two minutes after he got Drama’s car fixed up to Eric and Vince’s brilliant plan to finally get Medellin made (sort of), it was just a great episode. It felt like the turning point in the season. Vince’s career has been pretty much at a standstill since Aquaman and Drama’s career has been, well… non-existent since the show started. Things are definitely looking up though!

It’s the day of the premiere of Drama’s new show, ‘Five Towns’ and he’s too nervous to read the reviews. He gets through the morning avoiding “Variety” and decides to go to the massage parlor for a “rub ‘n tug”. After an hour, Drama still couldn’t get “relaxed” so the masseuse (do those girls technically qualify for that title?) lets him read the copy of Variety that was left in the room by another client. The magazine gave the show and Drama’s performance a terrible review.

Drama leaves the parlor and heads over to Variety’s offices to tell off the reviewer, who’s apparently never given Drama a good review. After the confrontation, Drama learns that Variety wasn’t the only newspaper to pan the show.. Every paper Drama could find, including one from back home said the show bombed. When Turtle, Vince and Eric presented Drama with his fixed up car, it only served to make him feel worse. He told Vince he feels bad for taking so much from him and never giving anything back. He gets in the car and drives away. He ends up spending the night in the car, parked at the edge of The Grand Canyon. Vince calls him on his cell and he has Lloyd on the phone. The show premiered with amazing ratings. The reviews might’ve been terrible but the people have spoken and the people like ‘Five Towns.’

While Turtle was getting Drama’s car fixed, he immediately fell for a girl working there, whose name is Kelly. She turned out to be the daughter of his mechanic, Rufus. The two hit it off when they discover they share a love for designer athletic footwear. Kelly’s father isn’t pleased with Turtle flirting with his daughter and asks him to leave as soon as his car is fixed. As Turtle is pulling out of the lot, he’s paying more attention to Kelly in his side-view mirror and not enough on the road and ends up colliding with another car.

This gives him an opportunity to continue flirting with Kelly as the guys fix the car again. Eventually, Rufus tells Turtle he needs to back off. Turtle gives a sweet little speech about how he’s a good guy and asks him for permission to take his daughter out. Rufus appreciates Turtle’s old-school approach and gives his consent.

Meanwhile, Eric and Drama go to Ari to see what he can do to get Medellin going. Ari says producer, Joe Roberts has his eye on the script and that he can arrange a lunch with him to talk about it more. Vince’s passion for the role sells Roberts enough to consider buying the script and producing it but he tells Ari that he wants Vince to star in Matterhorn first. Vince and Eric don’t want to do Matterhorn and no amount of begging on Ari’s part is going to change their minds.

Instead, the two consider the option to put in a bid for the Medellin script. Vince would have to sell the house in order to afford it but he thinks it’s worth it. Eric agrees to put in every penny he has (and he actually knows exactly how many pennies that is) to help pay for the script. Vince tries to turn down this offer but Eric insists that if Vince is going to take this risk, he wants in. If it fails, they go down together.

Ari’s concerned about Vince going up against Roberts in a bidding war for the script. He talks to Roberts about the whole thing. Roberts calls Vince and tells him that he was once a production assistant on Apocalypse Now. The movie took years to make and Coppola put all of his money into it to get it done. He respected Coppola for having that kind of passion for the project and tells Vince that the movie is his to buy if he wants it. Ari says Vince can get the script for five million dollars. Now they just have to find money to actually make the picture. Also, Vince and his boys will probably have to start looking for a new place to live.

As crazy as I think Vince and Eric are for putting their fortunes on the line for one movie, I love the direction the show is taking with this. So much will be on the line with this project. If it falls apart, Vince, Eric and Turtle will be left with nothing. As soon as Vince signs the papers, Drama is going to be the sole bread-winner for the group for quite a while so let’s hope the ratings stay up on ‘Five Towns.’

Kelly West
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