TV Recap: Fringe - Inner Child

Fringe is back after a long, American Idol induced hiatus and I’ve never been so happy to see it. There was an actual beginning, middle, and end (many of you might have missed due to the annoying and long previously mentioned show). That may not sound like much but anytime I can get suspense with a serial killer, mystery with a little boy who lives in the sewer and doubles as am empath, and a little piece of the whole puzzle, color me entertained.

A building is about to be demolished when one of the guys finds a hidden room underground. The room leads into the sewer and smells like death but didn’t you know that’s the perfect place to find lost little boys? Sure enough, there’s a bald boy hiding in a corner, shivering with fear. Liv and the Bishops are called onto the case because, though it may not sound remarkable at first, the boy has lived for who knows how long underground without food, water, or human contact. He doesn’t speak but he seems to understand. And he can’t breathe. Walter is able to fix that last part by slowly increasing the oxygen is lungs are allowed. Still can’t talk. Naturally, he forms a relationship with Olivia, probably because they’re both a little freaky.

Olivia’s mind is other places, though. A serial killer called the Artist is attacking again and he always faxes the FBI an invitation when he has a victim. They’ve received one and Olivia is ready to end the game. Without any kind of lead, however, she’s kind of out of luck. Then the boy writes a name on her notepad. They thought maybe it was his name or the name of a relative, but when Olivia gets the call about the girl, it turns out to be her name. Oh, I love little psychic boys.

Walter says he’s not really a psychic but more can hone in on specific things. The boy likes Olivia and he knows that this information is important to her. The next thing he writes is an address where there isn’t anything. Turns out, the Artist was right in the middle of abducting his next victim and was parked inside his van with her when Olivia walked by. If only the kid could talk, it might make this a tad easier.

Of course, Walter and Peter can rig something up to let his thoughts be heard. Originally, it was to be drilled into the kid’s head but they made it so now it just has to sit on his head. Much better for a child than drilling into his brain, don’t you think? They do work it out but the kid’s thoughts don’t come out in English. They sound like a drunken child speaking backwards or something so that isn’t much help, either. He can still write, though he’s choosing to let the Artist do his work now. No, he’s not an evil little kid but there’s a government agency that wants to take him and he can sense some serious evil coming from the guy. He also sensed that Olivia told the guy he could take him once the case was solved. Poor little bald boy.

No psychic help for Olivia means she has to do some actual leg work. The last victim had cow’s blood and plastic under her fingernails. Peter, being ever so helpful, points out that when he used to work at a meat packing plant (yes, gross), they had these giant plastic sheets that the cows would be in. Finally, a lead Olivia can actually track down. They find where the guy got his plastic and the manager of the plant even gives a dead on description but they still don’t know where to find the guy.

Knowing that the kid can feel what she’s feeling, Olivia turns to the boy once more. She tells him she’s sorry but she can’t stop the government guy from taking custody. She also tells him how much catching the Artist would mean to her and to the city. The boy knows she’s being genuine and gives her a cross street. Instead of just walking the ground this time, Olivia and Francis set up a checkpoint. When they find the guy, of course, he makes a run for it. He doesn’t know Olivia always wins? She catches him and they fight but she’s the star so of course he goes down.

With that case solved, Olivia starts to think about the boy and how frightened he is of the agent. She arranges, with Broyles’ help, to send the kid with his doctor. He’s a little scared but Olivia promises him everything will be fine and he goes willingly. Now, if you’re like me, you’re expecting the doctor to be something other than a doctor but she seems to really be taking him to live with a nice family.

Riding in the back of the car, the boy is overcome with a feeling and looks out the window to see…the bald man. You know that man who is always around when the Pattern occurs? Yup, he was walking down a suburban street, watching the boy drive by. What the? Is that his dad? Does he even have parents? Did that guy start off like the boy? How many other kids are there that the government wants him to be with the others? See. Told you there was a beginning and end and some nonsense in between.

On a more personal note: Olivia’s creepy ass sister decided to permanently move to Boston where she still doesn’t have a job and has no real purpose other than to give us something to add to our conspiracy list. Well played, JJ and crew, well played. I know what I’ll be watching next week.