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TV Recap: Gossip Girl - The Wrath Of Con

I was excited for this episode because I thought that with Georgina's return, we were finally going to get an end to the whole Poppy/Gabriel saga. I've really hated this storyline from the beginning and I want everybody to just get their money back, or not, and have it be over with. Of course, as is usually the case in life, I did not get what I wanted.

Luckily, I'm in good company-- no one really got what they wanted in this episode. The gang wanted to catch Poppy and Gabriel, Blair wanted Chuck to tell her he loves her,and Rufus wanted to propose to Lily. At the end of the day though, everything was just a big fail.

Eric made a brief appearance, sporting a better haircut and a sage warning to Rufus. When Poppa Humphrey asked Eric if it was okay for him to propose to Lily, he warned Rufus that Lily is kind of crazy. Emboldened by love, Rufus brushed him off and said that Lily was nothing like her evil mother.

That's all well and good, but that was before Mrs. Van der Woodsen-Bass had her daughter arrested. Apparently Lily wasn't too pleased with the way Serena lost everyone's money and then tried to fix it herself, potentially causing a big scandal. So she had Serena arrested for stealing a bracelet she gave her in order teach her a lesson.

The lesson seemed a little harsh to me, and I wasn't alone. Rufus also deemed the idea a little too crazy for his tastes. He had planned a sweetly elaborate proposal, but after that stunt, seemed to reevaluate. By reevaluate, I mean that he went back to Brooklyn and gave the engagement ring to Dan and Jenny, telling them to return it for him.

It annoys me that they went this way with Lily and Rufus. They're mildly interesting characters at best, and are not nearly fascinating enough to carry off a “will they or won't they” storyline. The writers should have just let them get engaged so that's out of the way and allowed them to do what they do best: meddle in their kids' lives.

Meddling and scheming are of course what Chuck and Blair do best, and people should really just understand this and let them do their thing. Instead, they inject themselves into the situation and everything goes to hell. Witness Operation Take Down Poppy and Gabriel. If it were up to just Chuck and Blair, it would be over with in about fifteen minutes. Instead, Serena and Even Nate think that they can play with the big dogs and try to go all Scooby Doo gang on everyone. It does not work.

After Serena lures Gabriel back with a pregnancy scare and that goes nowhere, Chuck and Blair try to use Georgina as Jesus intended: as part of a nefarious plot. She does her part very well, playing a naïve Canadian oil sand heiress in New York for the first time who identifies herself as a “Charlotte.”

When Poppy asks for money for the investment upfront in cash, Georgina, clearly rusty after wasting her skills in Jesus camp, stupidly gives Poppy her own actual cash. Well, it's actually Jesus camp's bible money, but the point is, it's money that someone is going to be missing. Thanks to Lily's stupid plan, the police arrest Serena outside of the Russian Tea Room instead of Poppy, who walks away with her freedom and Georgina's bible money.

Whether it was guilt over the loss of the Bible money or just being played for a fool, something drove Georgina back over to the dark side. She took the wheel back from Jesus and went after Poppy herself. This is what I'm talking about: Georgina isn't going to let this storyline linger-- she's going for the jugular. It'll be quick and dirty, and I will be thankful.

Speaking of quick and dirty, Chuck and Blair tried to do something with their relationship again. Blair recognizes that she's not moving forward with Nate because she's still hung up on the Bass. So she asks Chuck to either take her or let her go. Chuck tells her that it's all just a game that he hates losing, and that she's free to go. This, of course, is a transparent lie, which even Serena sees right through. She asks him why he said that, and he replied that he loves her, but can't make her happy.

Haven't we already been through this? The Chuck and Blair thing is just going around and around and isn't going anywhere. They love each other, but are convinced they can't be together. But neither one of them wants to let it be, so they keep on just circling around each other. It's getting old.

What do you think? Should Chuck and Blair be together, or just give up the ghost? Post your thoughts in the comments.