TV Recap: Greek - Highway To The Discomfort Zone

I’m going to start this recap/review out by saying that whoever is responsible for coming up with Dale’s lines on tonight’s episode of Greek deserves some major “snaps.” Case in Point: “Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the Lord today.” This is exactly why I was hoping for more Dale this week and the episode definitely delivered. While Dale was trying to de-gay Calvin, Rusty did a bit of male bonding with his pledge brothers and Casey dealt with her jealousy by bedding a minor.

Jonah: “People don’t adopt dogs that eat babies."

After deciding to go public with their relationship, Cappie broke the news to Casey personally. Casey tried to be gracious about iy in an effort to be non-enemies with Rebecca and maintain her supposed friendship with Cappie. But then she ends up getting paired up with Cappie and Rebecca at the double-date function that ZBZ was participating in. Naturally, Casey needs a date so she asks out Jonah, the hot guy she met at the animal shelter charity thing the sorority attended earlier during the day. Nothing like a box of puppies and some shirtless dog washing to get a girl’s attention, huh?

Rebecca seemed to go out of her way to make Casey feel uncomfortable during the double date. At one point though, Lizzie showed up out of nowhere and after carding everyone, took Rebecca’s beer away. Now here’s the thing, Lizzie checked Jonah’s ID and made a point in mentioning his eye color and the fact that he’s an organ donor. So was she too smitten by his hazel eyes and generosity with regards to his organs to not notice that Jonah was in fact, a 16-year-old kid? Or did she purposely overlook it? I’m starting to wonder if Lizzie really is as sweet as she seems or if her motives aren’t what they appear to be.

We don’t find out that Jonah’s in high school until after Casey gets trashed and sleeps with him. Poor Casey had to endure the awkward moment when Jonah’s mom came into her son’s bedroom with a bowl of Lucky Charms for Jonah only to find a naked girl in his bed. She plays it off like the “cool mom” with the whole “well if you’re going to have sex, I want it to be under my roof” thing. I’m not sure if Casey was more embarrassed over that or the fact that she learned that Jonah was still in high school.

Casey tried to move past the Jonah ordeal and confront the issue at hand by later telling Cappie that she doesn’t trust Rebecca and thinks she’s only dating him to annoy her. Cappie responded by saying that he cares about Rebecca and she likes him for him. He’s got a point. As much as I think Cappie and Casey will eventually be together, I think this Cappie and Rebecca relationship could be worth watching. Right now I’m just hoping the Casey jealousy thing doesn’t last much longer. It’s a bit predictable and is only going to make Casey come off as the bad guy if it goes on for too long.

Rusty: “Right now it’s like we’re a boy band and I’m the fat one.”

Casey: “It’s pronounced Fatone.”

Apparently, while Rusty was off hanging out with Cappie and the rest of the Kappa Taus, his pledge brothers were off bonding. Poor Rusty missed out on a wild road trip to the mall of America and a crazy night involving The Muppets Take Manhattan. While he may have been having a lot more fun with Cappie, Beaver and company, he wasn’t getting any closer to his pledge brothers and this became apparent when Cappie and Kappa Tau alum Joe (the creator of Vesuvius, the volcano thing they featured last season) assigned the pledges the task of coming up with their own pledge project. The guys had to create/invent something as awesome as Vesuvius that all of the Kappa Taus could enjoy.

Rusty came up with an idea to create a video game based on the house but the guys all turned it down, in favor of making some swing thing that turned out to be lame. Rusty tried to get advice from Casey about how to bond with his pledge brothers but she wasn’t much help. The brothers told him to try and sell the swing thing to Cappie but after a conversation with Joe, Rusty decided to just make the video game anyway. The brothers got annoyed by this and told him he needs to stop showboating and loosen up. It seems like Rusty being Cappie’s pet wasn’t helping him get closer to his pledge brothers but after their brewery idea works out well (despite producing beer that looked like thick syrup), everyone is best friends. Mission accomplished.

Dale: "Hey, how you feelin’? Any less gay today?"

Calvin decided to spend some time with Dale even if it meant putting up with Dale trying to “cure” him of his gayness. Dale attempted some aversion therapy involving an underwear catalog and some rotten bananas but of course, that didn’t work. Obviously, Calvin doesn’t end up any less gay but after spending some time together, Dale learns to accept that Calvin’s ok being gay. This portion of the show would’ve been totally cliché if it hadn’t had some of the best lines in the episode. For example, after Calvin suggested that Dale might be gay, Dale tried to rid himself of any potentially gay-inducing items like a his Tim McGraw CD. How can Tim McGraw make a guy gay? According to Dale, “His jeans are too tight. It draws the eyes downward.” Who can argue with that logic?

Evan was nowhere to be found tonight but it looks like he'll be back next week when the Omega Chi's go to war with the Kappa Taus.

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