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TV Recap: Grey's Anatomy - Sweet Surrender

Grey's is FINALLY back, though my DVR didn't seem to realize it! We had a pretty damn good episode this week. George and Sloane finally get some respect, Sloane and Derek almost throw punches again, but finally get cool with one another again. Izzie plays wedding planner and crashes hard. McBadass finally seeks help and maybe begins to show some progress. Oh, and Shonda Rhimes makes me cry like one of my two-year-olds, because she's evil.

Getting dumped by Cristina has made McBadass realize that he needs to get help and he has a visit with the staff psychiatrist, whom we have previously seen being visited by Meredith. She tries to get him to talk about his time in Iraq, coming to the same conclusion as anyone who has been watching this season - McBadass is suffering from survivor's guilt and PTSD. Owen rejects the hypothesis and insists that he's not there about his platoon, he's there because he tried to choke his girlfriend to death. She counters that it all has to do with what happened to his patrol (see: PTSD and survivor's guilt) and he has been denying his emotions for so long that she's going to help him confront and embrace them.

Most of our main cast is occupied with the dual case of a man who may or may not have thrown himself in front of a car and the driver who may or may not have hit him before running into a lamppost. Shepherd and Sloane - still feuding in the fallout from their fistfight - are assigned to the driver's case and George is assigned to the case of the pedestrian, reporting to Alex, who is running the Pit today.

The pedestrian tells George that he was walking through the crosswalk when he was hit, but the driver says that he threw himself in front of the car "like Superman", and the man's injuries indicate the "Superman" story is more likely. The pedestrian keeps asking if he can leave, but George suspects suicidal tendencies and wants to do a psyche consult, besides the cops needing to take statements. Alex is disinclined to order the psyche consult and wants to discharge the man to make room for more patients, but relents when George points out that it's on him if the man leaves and hurts himself. Alex isn't terribly interested in the Pit, anyway, and keeps sneaking away to check on Izzie until he's busted by Hunt. Hunt is enraged that Alex isn't paying attention to the patients, particularly the possibly suicidal one, and looks like he's about to choke Alex out, too, but settles for putting the fear of McBadass into Alex and sends him scurrying back into the pit.

In the meantime, the shrink shows up for the psych consult and George finds out that his patient has escaped. Alex shows up at that moment and tries to pass it all off as George's fault. The two interns stand in the parking lot and begin airing their problems with each-other (George thinks Alex is an asshole and doesn't know what Izzie sees in him, Alex thinks George is incompetent and doesn't see how anyone can respect him) when a window above them cracks and their missing patient throws himself through a window and onto a nearby car.

McBadass shows up as they're wheeling the jumper into the trauma room and demands an update. Alex freezes, but George rattles off all of the current issues and what has been done so far. Impressed, McBadass tells George to scrub in. During the surgery, Owen praises George's ability to think ten steps ahead and stay calm under pressure. He suggests that George choose Trauma as his specialty.

In a later meeting with the shrink, Hunt draws an analogy between the suicidal guy and himself. He talks about knowing he was damaged and no good for anyone, but he threw himself in front of Cristina anyway and he wrecked her. He's ashamed and feels guilty and broken. The shrink seems encouraged and says that once they've identified the emotions, they can start working on making it better.

Speaking of specialties, Bailey has come in on her off day to see Arizona perform some kind of complicated procedure. While waiting, she meets a girl who has lived far beyond the expected lifespan her disease causes and is about to run out of time and her father who refuses to accept that his daughter may only have hours to live. He spends most of the episode running around trying to find a way to get his daughter to Mexico for an experimental stem cell treatment and Miranda is left to comfort the girl.

Finally, Miranda is able to get him to shut up long enough to tell him that his daughter now has mere minutes left and he needs to be there for her. I don't think I can do justice to the anguish you can see in Miranda's or the father's faces (excellent acting!) as she lays out for him that the time for hope and fighting is over.

The father climbs into bed beside his daughter and describes Mexico's beaches to her as she fades away and dies and I cry like a little baby. Damn you Shonda Rhimes!

Izzie has taken it upon herself to plan Derek and Meredith's wedding, whether they like it or not, and spends the day faking turns for the worse and crying fits to get everyone to do what she wants. Instead of participating in any surgeries, Meredith spends the day trying on wedding dresses that she doesn't like. Cristina has been assigned to keep an eye on Izzie and warned that the chemo that Izzie is on will make her crash hard, so she spends the day freaking out every time Izzie fakes something. Alex, as previously mentioned, continuously neglects his duties to check on Izzie and run to get her food that Lexie keeps snatching because she's a nervous eater and stressing about Derek and Mark fighting.

Izzie finally does crash - after finding the perfect dress for Meredith - and seems heartbroken that she can't be the person she was when she woke up that morning. Cristina points out to her that, considering how nasty her chemo is - Izzie's actually holding up miraculously, but Izzie doesn't seem terribly comforted.

Lexie finally breaks down and asks Meredith to talk some sense into the feuding attendings before they operate on the driver that was hit by the suicidal dude. She points out that they need to make up by the wedding if Sloane is going to be the best man, but Derek tells her that the Chief will be his best man. Sloane storms off to get ready for the surgery and Meredith kinda rips into Derek. He tells her that he gets to choose his best man, Richard is his friend, and when is she going to get over that grudge anyway. She lays out all the issues that she has with the Chief that we've heard more times than I count and tells Derek that she'll get over her grudge when he gets over his.

This seems to get through to Derek and he seems like he's going to apologize, but then he gets into another pissing match with Sloane and that goes out the window. Reminiscent of George and Alex, they begin airing their grievances (Derek doesn't have much other than Addison and Lexie, Sloane feels like Derek doesn't respect him and always just waits for him to screw up), but nobody jumps out of a window this time.

When a blood vessel pops, Sloane stitches it up before Derek can really react, which finally seems to impress Derek. When they update the man's wife later and she thanks them for saving his life, Derek insists that Sloane is the one she should really thank. Sloane is shocked that he actually got a compliment from Derek and they finally seem cool again.