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Remember that whole Robin and Ted living together thing and having a goat from last season? Well, on this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, we actually find out how that first part happened. And everything starts with a tiny little sock.

Barney gets a phone call from one of his girls saying she might be pregnant. Turns out she’s not and he’s the happiest non-father ever. He even invents a new holiday: Not Father’s Day. It’s the day to give threesomes and Asian hookers. To drink until you pass out and be completely selfish. Happy Not Father’s Day to you all.

Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily are at that point in their lives where everywhere they look, they see babies. Tiny babies, big babies, cute babies, everywhere. It makes sense, they’re married and both of them have jobs. Then, one of their friends comes over with her baby. He’s so tiny, and all of his fingers and clothes are so tiny, that he pushes Marshall over the edge. He and Lily decide to try for a baby. Of course, Marshall’s just starting out at work and there are things they still want to do but then there’s the little sock. Still, while Marshall was playing with the baby, Lily was talking to the mom, which is what led her to call Ted and Robin for advice.

Lily does want a baby but they’re still young and Marshall works all the time. Ted and Robin are the perfect people to help her decide. After all, Robin hates babies and Ted is basically a dad now. I mean, he tells corny dad jokes and gives bad lectures where he says he’s not mad, just disappointed. Who better to help make up her mind? Robin makes some great points that confirm all of Lily’s fears. And Ted doesn’t help too much either. Mostly, they just mention the same things she’s already thought about. Then Lily sees the little sock that was left behind and her mind is made up. She wants a little baby. No matter what the obstacles, she’s ready. Ted and Robin start to argue their points to each other when they notice Lily is missing.

Marshall was supposed to come home for dinner so they could celebrate their decision but, of course, he had to work late. And guess where Lily, who’s quite intoxicated now, ran off to. She’s ready to make a baby now so she surprises Marshall at his office. He’s happy to see her but when Lily’s drunk, she’s sort of like a giant Lily baby. She’s whiny and throws up and the only way to put her sleep is to drive her around. Surely enough, two minutes in a cab ride and she’s out. Marshall takes her back upstairs, where he’s been giving a presentation while trying to take care of drunken Lily and he knows he just got a small taste of what it would be like to have a baby now.

The next morning, as Lily makes “I’m sorry” pancakes and bacon, Marshall tells her that he’s not ready for a baby. Lily agrees and they go off to have perfectly protected sex. Which is a good thing since they still have Robin sleeping on their couch. At least, they did.

During their search for drunken Lily, Ted and Robin had a really good time together. Ted even found out that Robin stole the little sock from Lily’s apartment. Guess she might not hate babies as much as she, or everyone else, thought. She’s still stuck on Lily and Marshall’s couch, though. But now Ted does have that extra room. We still don’t know where that goat came from. We, do however, know that even though Barney loves Not Father’s Day, when he finds the sock, he holds it and sings “Cat in Cradle” while silently crying. Yup, Happy Not Father’s Day to all of you.

I love a show that keeps moving. Now I just want to see Barney and Robin together. Agh.