TV Recap: HIMYM - Mosbius Designs

Mosbius Designs is up and running. Well, kind of. Ted’s architectural firm has an assistant but no clients. The best thing about this week’s episode, though, is now there is only one person who doesn’t know about the whole Barney loving Robin thing and that person is Robin. Seriously, she has to find out this season.

Robin is nice enough to let Ted use the apartment as his office to get started. Only one small problem, he isn’t getting started. She keeps nagging him to call clients, to get work but all he does is pick out “the official pen of Mosbius Designs” and work on the brochure. Yes, he even goes so far as to hire an assistant. There’s no mention of this assistant is paid but I think it’s more of an internship type thing. And don’t worry about the assistant being the mother because it’s a guy and he ends up sleeping with Robin, not Ted.

I mean, she’s home all day with him so there was bound to be some attraction. That also means that he’s not as committed to Ted anymore so Ted fires him. The kid accidentally put a picture of Robin and him on the cover of the brochure. That’s a pretty friable offense. Without a job, though, the kid isn’t quite as attractive so Robin dumps him and Ted rehires him. This continues for a bit and the whole time, Barney is freaking out.

He wants to talk to Lily but she’s been missing from action for quite a while because Barney told her this joke about peanut butter and jam. No, they didn’t actually say the joke so if anyone knows it, I would love to know what Lily would take so much offense to that she wouldn’t hang out with Barney anymore. I mean, this guy has done some things a lot of women would be offended by (except he’s hilarious, not to mention awesome, and so it’s okay). It’s so frustrating but whatever. Barney ends up having to talk to Marshall about the problem and while Barney thinks he’s doing some big reveal, Lily already told Marshall everything. I’ve been told that’s what married people do.

Marshall wants to help but he’s so preoccupied with trying to keep his job that his mind is kind of frazzled. There have been tons of lay-offs at GNB and Marshall works hard but still isn’t noticed. Barney tells him he has to get a thing so people will like him more. They have a food guy and a toy guy and so on, all guys who are expendable but who are loved by their peers because of the things they offer. Marshall doesn’t have a thing and therefore he is expendable. At least he was until he became….Sports Guy. He runs a fantasy baseball league, which for some reason involves him carrying around a very real 18,000 dollars in cash. Who knew in a fantasy league you used real money? Apparently Marshall didn’t know because he’s losing his mind between his actual work and his “sports guy” work. There is one ingenious solution, though.

Marshall hires Ted’s assistant to take over his sports stuff so Robin isn’t sleeping with him anymore, Barney is back to pining, and Marshall keep his job and still be sports guy. Wins all around. Ted even called a client and stopped being afraid of failure. Don’t you just love when everything works out in the end and characters actually evolve? Me too.