TV Recap: Hell's Kitchen - Just One Of The Girls

Previously: It’s a Super Sucky Sweet 16! Rosann and Matt screwed the pooch, Matt gets moved over to the Red team while Shayna is eliminated.

When we pick up, Matt is yelling about how the Blue team “put [him] out to dry.” “Put,” hung,” whatever. Your point is just as ineffectually made either way. After Matt huffs off to bed, the rest of the contestants talk about his switch to the Red team. Corey is trying to figure out why he wants to work with them, saying that they’re way meaner than the guys. Jen heartily agrees, calling Corey “the blonde devil.” Have I mentioned that I want Jen to win this? Because I do.

The next morning, the chefs meet Ramsay in the kitchen for today’s challenge: the palette test. Ramsay has prepared three dishes, each with one key ingredient missing: the meat. Ramsay has replaced the meat in each of the dishes with soy-based veggie meat. The chefs try all of the different dishes, and while Petrozza says that there’s something wrong with the meat in the beef stew, not a single chef figures out that they’re not actually eating meat. Ramsay is predictably disgusted by their poor performance and challenges them all to a blind taste test.

Since the teams are uneven, Jen sits the challenge out. The first pair to go up is Rosann and Petrozza. They must each identify three items. Rosann gets two, but manages to miss chicken, which was the only one that Petrozza gets right. Round two features Corey facing off against LouRoss. They both perform pretty badly, with Corey going 1 and 3 and LouRoss going 0 for 3. The third round is between Cristina and Bobby. Cristina gets 2, while Bobby doesn’t get a single one right. Ramsay seems to be having a good time as he talks about epic rivalries as way of introducing Matt vs. Ben. To say that their entire manhood rides on this taste test may be overstating it, but not by much.

For this epic challenge, Ramsay is switching the rules up a bit. Instead of trying to identify three different foods, he is giving Ben and Matt a dish that he made himself. The dish contains ten ingredients, and for each one they correctly list, they’ll get a point. The score going into this round is 5-1, Red team. While they both get everything correct, the Blue team’s deficit is too great, so the Red team ends up winning. As punishment, the Blue team has to clean the dorms from top to bottom. While they’re doing that, the Red team will be receiving spa treatments.

As the seventh dinner service begins, the Red team gets off to a pretty good start. The Blue team, however, runs into problems on the appetizer station when Bobby and LouRoss don’t communicate well enough. Later on though, the Red team seems to have a communication problem of its own. Jen takes what she sees as a leadership position, but Ramsay warns her not to start calling things out, since it causes confusion. Jen writes it off as Ramsay “having his period, or whatever.” Interesting theory, but not one that will get you very far, I’m afraid.

After she gets yelled at for talking too much, Jen makes the five-year-old decision of not talking at all—something for which Ramsay promptly yells at her. After Rosann screws some more food up, he’s about had it with the Red kitchen. The Blue kitchen isn’t doing too much better, as Ramsay yells at them for their continued lack of communication, and Ben specifically for his excuses.

Ben continues to screw up, causing major delays in his customers receiving their entrees. Meanwhile, Ramsay compliments Matt on his risotto. Now, Ben is causing problems, and I’m sure Matt’s risotto was good, but the incessant bragging and snotty comments directing towards Ben that Matt unleashes are really annoying.

Two and a half hours into dinner service, no food is leaving either kitchen. However, food is coming back into the Blue kitchen. Two Beef Wellingtons that were supposed to be well done are sent back because they are way undercooked. Ramsay is positively apoplectic and flat out calls Ben a jerk and utters the three words that no Hell’s Kitchen chef wants to hear: “Shut it down!”

At the postmortem, Ramsay once again tells everyone how pathetic they were, but takes the time to single out Matt for his significant improvement. Unsurprisingly, Matt’s old team, the Blue team is dubbed tonight’s losing team. Ramsay tells them that each person must come up with a nominee for elimination.

Back in the dorms, Ben appears as if he’s taking the high road by saying he’s going to nominate himself for elimination. However, he quickly tries to get Bobby and Petrozza to turn against LouRoss. Bobby doesn’t really seem to care either way, but Petrozza says he can’t nominate LouRoss, since he did a good job tonight. Bobby then suggests that they make it so that they all nominate each other, so each person only receives one nomination. Something tells me that this isn’t going to work.

Once they get up there, LouRoss nominates Ben, Ben nominates LouRoss, while Bobby nominates Petrozza, because he thinks this plan is going to work. Petrozza, however, flips the script and nominates himself. He says that he can’t nominate any of the other guys because they all came in tonight and tried to work hard. Ramsay eats it up and calls him the most gracious man on his team.

Ultimately, and unsurprisingly, Ramsay eliminates Ben. Ben was one of my favorites, but I can’t disagree with the decision—Ben was absolutely a mess tonight. The only reason I dislike the decision is because it just means that we’ll be treated to more of Matt’s oily remarks and nauseating smirks.

Since the teams are now so uneven, Ramsay ends the episode by asking a member of the Red team to volunteer to go over to the Blue team. He tells them to have their decision ready by morning.

Next Time: Corey tries to get Jen to go over to the Blue team and two of the country’s finest food critics are coming to dinner. On the menu? Someone’s fingertip, after another kitchen accident.