TV Recap: Kid Nation Episode 2

It was another great episode of Kid Nation.First off I have to say that I love these kids. They’re absolutely adorable and I personally feel that there is nothing that these kids can’t do. What I like so much about them is that even at the young age they show maturity and brains beyond their years. I don’t understand why everyone is making such a fuss about it. So far they have had to make some tough decisions and motivate themselves to do hard labor. This experience hasn’t been easy but so far these kids are doing just fine on there own.

Last week I felt as though they got a little too much help from adults, but this week I have changed my tune…partially anyway. From what I’ve observed it seems as though they receive suggestions rather than directions, which makes me feel as though it’s a bit more legitimate. And this week they really impressed me, it’s like they have become a little harmonious working family. There are a few things from this week’s episode I’d like to comment on: the chicken situation, Taylor and the Gold star

To Kill A Chicken Or Not To Kill A Chicken

The little ones were getting pretty tired of eating canned food and were hungry for some much needed fresh meat. They had some extra chickens in their coop and thought it might be a good idea to eat some. The catch was they had to kill the birds themselves. Gross! I know I couldn’t do it. 1) Birds up close scare the hell out of me, and 2) I could never kill an animal…but I have no problem buying them freshly packaged at the super market.

Anyway, being the little diplomats that they the council decided to take a vote to see whether the whole camp was going to be okay with the slaughter. Some voted nay, but the majority ruled and that meant they were going to say bye-bye to some of their feathered friends.

It was pretty horrible to witness the demise of the chickens, but I couldn’t help but think how awesome it was that they even knew how to do something like that. Led by 15 year old Greg they figured out how to kill, pluck, gut and cook them. I know if I was in the situation not only would I have no idea what I was doing, I would have gone vegetarian. I’m not alone, little 9 year old Emilie felt the same way (she actually bonded with the chickens) and staged a sit-in at the chicken coup. But despite her protests the little darlings of Bonanza City gobbled down a protein rich feast. Emilie on the other hand stuck to her guns and went vegetarian. Good for her!


I don’t know how the rest of you are feeling about this, but I think Taylor has got to get booted off the council. Yeah she is a cutie, but she tends to be a bit on the annoying side. She’s a bit bossy and lazy, two things that are very unappealing especially on an 11 year old. And If I have to hear her say something like, “Pageant Queens don’t do dishes.” again I think I might throw my shoe through the television. Who cares if you were a beauty queen, you are in the desert! Some kids did try to confront her at the town meeting this week, but I don’t really think it’s going to make much of a difference. I’m calling for an impeachment!

The Gold Star

I’m super glad I didn’t have to make the decision of who got the gold star this week. It was a really hard one. The decision was between Greg and Michael. The council decided to go with Michael, which was cool. They passed up Greg because they thought he was only going above and beyond for the money. I think he was too and I don’t think that is a bad thing. The money is a motivational tool. It would be hard to perform all these laborious tasks for just nickels and dimes. But I think these kids are looking for people with real heart and I kind of like that. I would have probably picked Greg because of all his chicken and plumbing knowledge. But then again Michael is a pretty awesome kid. Sometimes I think he is a little too awesome (do his speeches sound rehearsed sometimes or is it just me?).

The show is defiantly keeping my interest and I wasn’t too sure that it was going to but there is something about these little guys that I think is pretty special and I can’t stop watching them. Lately I’ve been thinking about how they chose them. Did they have to take some kind of special aptitude test? Because I know at 10 years old I didn’t know some of the words and concepts as most of these kids. Did they look for kids who are familiar with “certain things” example, killing chickens? I’m not sure what the secret is. I’m gathering they had to come up with some plan so they could put together a team of kids that could actually make this thing work. In any event, whatever method they used was a good one because so far these kids are doing a heck of a job in Bonanza City and keeping us tuned in.

Kid Nation airs Wednesday nights at 8 pm on CBS