TV Recap: Las Vegas - The High Price of Gas

Dear Cooper: What is your problem? First, you fire Sam for dumping chocolate milk over a guy’s head who totally deserved it. And now you’re calling all the other casino owners telling them not to hire her. Do you have some vendetta against my girl? Or maybe you’re just getting a teensy bit too close to her. Lordy, we wouldn’t want THAT to happen! Don’t let anyone else into your little bowling world. Signed, President of the Coop-Needs-a-Life Club

Dead bodies and nerve gas play heavily into this week’s ep. Remember that last week, things ended with Danny and a bunch of casino guests strewn about after a gang of Darth Vader thugs stormed the place and stole millions.

Thankfully, no fatalities, but the feds are all over the place, hounding Mike and Danny, who remembers seeing a tattoo on one of the Darth Vader guys just before he passed out. And may I just add that Danny rocks the house for staying conscious long enough to pick up a few clues.

The casino’s a wasteland except for the hoards of disaster junkies running around with camcorders and cameras. Cooper’s worried. This is not the kind of repopulation he wants and let’s face it, the guy’s not made of money. Even HE admits he’s only got enough cash to keep the place open another week or so. He even accepts a million bucks so a woman can keep her husband’s dead body in the casino’s dead-body vault, built especially for the occasion. Unprecedented? Maybe, but times are tough.

Ok, here’s a tip, Coop. Hire Sam back. She could crowd the place up quick with all of her whales. And no, she’s not forking over the info – which she keeps tightly locked IN HER HEAD! Way to keep Cooper in panic mode, Sam!

Instead, she finds refuge – and a new job – in a seedy joint on the strip. Oh, the metal band’s not bad, but with creepy guys taking bets on the color of stripper’s nipples, well…it’s not pretty.

Finally, Delinda wrangles pouty Coop and Sam into the same room -- by telling each of them that the other wants to apologize. Oops, not really! “Ok then, how do you feel about bowling?” asks Coop, in his little droopy-faced way. He and Sam end up smoking cigars, bowling a few games, and coming to an agreement of sorts. Coop even tries to give Sam back the valuable coin he swiped, er, won from her. Ooh, sparkly sparks are flying around everywhere!

Meanwhile, Mike and Danny and Uncle Luke – a prime suspect in the crime -- do some digging and it turns out the gassing and robbery was linked to a meth gang. They narrowly escape being blown to bits in a trailer/lab, wherein hides the leader of the gang, Bob Casey.

Guns are drawn and Uncle Luke jumps in front of Danny just in time to take a big ole bullet for him. “Whaddaya say, kid? We even?” Aw, nothing like a bullet to bring a family together.