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Wendy spills the beans that J.K. Rowling might have written a prequel to the Harry Potter series. She tells the girls in confidence, but of course, Nico immediately takes the tip to her editorial meeting. Needless to say, Wendy is pissed.

But the two end up flying to Scotland to visit Rowling and make the pitch -- for a movie for Wendy and a few chapters in an upcoming issue of Nico's magazine. Unfortunately, Wendy doesn’t realize that Nico was planning on spending time with Kirby, who’s traveling there separately. When it all comes out, Wendy appoints herself the moral compass of the world and rails on Nico about shacking up with Kirby. “Thank God you’re not a mother,” she tells Nico. “What kind of morals would those poor kids be growing up with?” Ouch, that’s harsh.

Victory is shocked to learn that her new investor is actually her new beau, Joe. Apparently, he was using the other guy to make it seem like HE was the investor, not Joe. She goes ballistic at his clandestine business dealings, telling him, “We’re done.”

Ok, the girl is barely scraping by, and she’s got a guy here who’s willing to fund her business and then sell it when it begins making a profit again. Note to Victory: Pride goeth before a fall. Take the deal!

The other reason this stinks is because Joe asked her to move in with him. In his spacious apartment, he stocked a walk-in closet with brand new duds in her size, and hired a pianist and torch singer for a private dance in his ballroom. Now she’s back in her own cramped apartment, crying in her brandy.

Good show. Next week is the season finale, and it looks to be a good one, with Nico’s hubby ending up in the hospital while she’s flitting about with Kirby. Will she and Wendy make up and be friends again?