TV Recap: Psych - Talk Derby to Me

Let me just say that two weeks is way too long to go without my Psych. Any show that ends with a chase around the office and also involves a couples’ only skate at an old roller derby rink is like heaven in a cute little box with fabulous people living inside. I mean, really, the awesomeness of Psych has returned. And I could barely tell it was missing.

So we start off this week’s episode with a string of robberies that the police can’t get a handle on. Of course they call in the boys and right away Shawn notices that the burglars are signaling each other on the videotape. Then, while he’s standing in the perfect plaid man capris, he sees scuff marks on the floor. So already he knows who the culprit is. Only in this one, it’s not so much an exact suspect as a large group of suspects. And the only way to crack the case is to go deep undercover. Being that the suspects are women's roller derby team members, the only one good for the job is Jules. Yay, finally some good Jules time. And you know that leads to good Shawn and Jules time, but I’m jumping ahead.

Jules, a.k.a. Maniac, took on the role with such diligence she even spent $800 on pink and black skates. She also elbowed some girls face and broke her nose. As they will say later, she is complete roller derby awesomeness. During her awesomeness, she does have time to snoop around and between her and Shawn, they narrow it down to a few actual suspects. And then there’s a break in the case.

One of Maniac’s teammates suddenly leaves practice and Shawn is hot on her tail. Gus, in between studying for his Pharmaceutical exam, swears he sees a body in the teammate’s car. Not looking good. When they finally pull the body out of the lake it was dumped in, it turned out to be a mannequin from the latest burglarized store. Also found, all of the merchandise from the store. So what exactly are those crazy roller derby girls after? And who better to answer that question than Shawn and Gus.

They head back to the store and Shawn uses his super spy eye to follow the skate marks. I know you want to know where it leads. And the winning door is…an office with and employees only sign. I know, exciting. But when they bust inside, the whole case comes open. The girl inside is shredding all the credit card application information. Turns out that’s what they do every Friday. And, surprise, surprise, the break-in happened on Thursday night. So now they have what they were after and scanning machines used to copy the papers that Jules found hidden in the team’s locker room.

Everything’s tidy and great except that now, because of Shawn, the girls are onto Jules. They tag her to be hit during the game but thanks to Gus’ quick thinking (he puts on a pair of skates and takes out the big girl) Jules is in the clear. Then Shawn jumps on the floor, sans skates, and just as he’s about to be taken out, Maniac comes back and clotheslines the girl before she reaches Shawn. I mean, if a clothesline doesn’t say I love you, I don’t know what does. At the very least, I like you, right? So Lassie and the chief take the bad guys and everyone goes home.

Before you yell that they need to get together already, remember the couples’ only skate I mentioned earlier. Uh huh. When Jules comes to return her skates, she finds Shawn waiting for, this time in skates. And all of sudden there’s fantastic skate rink music and a man’s voice announces a couples’ only skate. Jules gives in and they skate around. Shawn pretends to fall and Jules helps him but says they can’t hold hands. So they don’t hold hands but they definitely have some hand touching. Do you see what these writers have done to me? I’m freaking excited about hand touching. Seriously.

Make sure you tune in to next week because it’s the summer finale. And I thought two weeks was too long. I’ll try a positive outlook and be happy I still have one wonderful episode left. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.