Thanksgiving may only happen once a year. However, for the past week, TV programming has gone ahead and gotten its tryptophan fix in, gratifying themselves with over-eating and an abundance of pilgrim jokes. There are two types of TV shows: those that indulge in Thanksgiving-themed episodes, and those that breeze by the holiday with only a reference to the happening. Regardless of how a show chooses to commemorate the family-based experience, there are only a few modern families that would actually be a hoot to hang out with, or should I say a gobble?

After fighting, coaxing, and getting into our fair share of nitpicking, TV Blend has come up with a list of our five favorite current TV families whose Thanksgiving celebrations we would be more than willing to crash. So pick those turkey remnants out of your teeth, grab a glass of wine, and sit down to see if you agree with our list. As usual, if you feel we’ve missed a few, argue your case in the comments, below.

1. Parenthood’s The Bravermans
The Bravermans’ lives are filled with a ridiculous amount of drama. This season alone, they’ve tackled new relationships, cancer, job transitions, and veterans of war. However, if there is one thing that can be said about the Parenthood family, it’s that they come together in the moments that count most. The show is so intimate, many fans probably think of their drama as our drama, and I can think of nothing better than sitting down for a meal with the Bravermans.

In the cozy atmosphere, we could probably score some recipes from Camille, talk about books with Mark, keep our fingers crossed there are no mishaps between Sarah and Amber, get into some cool kid antics with Max and Jabbar, and maybe even get Zeek to tell us a story about the good old days. After eating way too much food in that super cozy outdoor space decorated with the cross-hanging lights, we would probably get a game of basketball in. If there’s anything Parenthood does really well, it is ending on the perfect note, and Thanksgiving is no exception.

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