Thomas Lennon Joins Matthew Perry In CBS Odd Couple Pilot

CBS' Odd Couple reboot now has its official couple. Joining previously cast Matthew Perry in the comedy is Thomas Lennon, a comedic actor you may be more familiar with by face, if not by name. While Perry is set to play the sloppy roommate Oscar Madison in this new take on Neil Simon's classic story, Thomas Lennon will play the neurotic, neat Felix Unger in the pilot.

Late last month, it was reported that CBS had given a pilot order for an Odd Couple reboot. The multi-camera comedy would star Matthew Perry as one of the two mismatched roommates. Frasier veteran Joe Keenan is penning the pilot alongside Matthew Perry. And at the time of that announcement, Deadline noted that this was going to make a return to multi-camera comedies for Matthew Perry, who's worked with the single-camera format on shows like Go On and Mr. Sunshine since Friends wrapped up a decade ago. This week, EW reports Thomas Lennon has joined the project, playing Felix Unger.

Lennon has a lengthy list of acting credits, as he's an actor that tends to pop up in things, often as random funny characters, though he was featured more prominently in some than others. For example, if you're familiar with Reno 911, you probably know him as Lieutenant Jim Dangle. He also appeared regularly in The State. More recently, he played the part of Max on NBC's Sean Saves The World. And he played Doug in I Love You, Man. Among his more random appearances, he was an uncredited customer in Hot Tub Time Machine and a doctor in The Dark Knight Rises. Amidst those parts, he appeared in Party Down, The League, NTSF: SD: SUV, Key & Peele and Archer.

He's also no stranger to working with Matthew Perry. He played his best friend in the body-switching movie 17 Again, and Lennon also appeared in the "The One in Vegas" episodes of Friends. Remember Joey's hand twin? Lennon is that guy!

And did we mention that he co-wrote Night at the Museum, The Pacifier and Balls of Fury?

So we know both actors are funny, but what kind of dynamic will they have on screen together as bickering roommates? We'll find out if this project makes it to series. With all of the recent renewals, CBS isn't exactly leaving a whole lot of room for new comedies and dramas, but they haven't renewed all of their comedies yet -- still no word on The Crazy Ones yet and How I Met Your Mother is on its way out, so we know there are at least some available chairs for funny half-hour shows. Perhaps The Odd Couple will get one of them?

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