Screen legends Toni Collette and Steven Spielberg will be teaming up with screen-legend-in-the-making Diablo Cody for The United States of Tara, a half-hour comedy project for Showtime. Collette stars in the show as a woman trying to raise kids while dealing with her own dissociative identity disorder—multiple personalities, among them a teenage girl and a man.

In yet another signal that Steven Spielberg could eat you for breakfast if he so chose, Variety reports that Spielberg will choose what his credit will read after the pilot is finished. Can we start the lobby now for it to say “master of space and time”?

As if that weren’t enough good news and talent for one show, the writer and executive producer is Diablo Cody, whose first-ever screenplay for Juno won the film raves at the Toronto Film Festival, and who keeps a wonderful blog that’s funnier and more irreverent than, dare I say it, just about anything on television right now. Basically she’s Tina Fey for premium cable--and just as adorable! that's her in the picture up top-- which means she can include all the swear words she wants and continue to be funny and charming in the process.

Bottom line: this is amazing news. We can count on the show bringing in some of the best talent out there to make it (Master of Space and Time will make sure of that), and Toni Collette is good in, well, everything. It also excites me that a woman who started her career as a blogger has now moved on to writing screenplays and TV shows, which indicates the internet can lead to fame other than “Leave Britney Alone” guy and A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. Talent?!?! On the internet!?!? Wonders will never cease.

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