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Between the franchise’s 50th Anniversary, the arrival of the Bond 50 set, and the incredible success of Skyfall, it’s been a big year for 007 and his hoards of avid fans. Attempting to capitalize on this successful year, BBC America and Top Gear put together a special episode called 50 Years of Bond Cars. After airing on BBC America in November (and repeat airing a few times) the channel is putting together a DVD set for the special episode. Initially set to street in March, the set will now hit the market on February 12, 2013.

The episode is pretty star-studded, with Top Gear co-host Richard Hammond interviewing Roger Moore and Daniel Craig, who have both taken on the 007 persona, as well as Goldfinger director Guy Hamilton, discussing with each which cars top their Bond favorite lists. So, if you have your own favorites in mind, or if you want to see what vehicles some of the James Bond experts keep nearest and dearest their hearts, 50 Years of Bond Cars is the special for you.

TV Shows on DVD was on top of this news today, and has even sleuthed out the fact that Amazon has the set available for pre-order. Since the Top Gear special is only one episode, it will run for the extremely cheap retail cost of $9.95 and you can order it for even cheaper online. If you did catch the special when it aired, the DVD release will include plenty of bonus footage shot with the franchise stars, so it may still be worth checking out, if you are into cars or the Bond movies, that is.