Tori Spelling Getting Her Own Talk Show On ABC

I'd kind of always viewed Tori Spelling's reality shows as an indulgence for a daughter of Hollywood, something we let her do because it made her happy and it wasn't hurting anyone. Because seriously, who was watching those Oxygen shows about her and her husband?

Well, a lot of people apparently-- at least enough to make ABC want a piece of the action. The LA Times reports that ABC is creating a daytime talk show for the erstwhile Donna Martin, with another male co-host to be determined later. The Times article actually refers to the co-hosts role as "basically Spelling's best friend forever" and suggests a Will & Grace dynamic, which I guess means Perez HIlton is already submitting his application?

ABC's only daytime talk show at the moment is The View, and while they may be looking for an alternative that isn't quite so polarizing, a Spelling-hosted show doesn't quite seem the way to go. Does anyone want to see her and some token gay pawn gabbing for an hour? Then again, I don't understand why anyone watches The View either, so maybe I'm just not the target demographic at all.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend