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Transporter's Chris Vance Injured On Set, Production On The Cinemax Series Delayed

No one said action was easy... or painless. Production on the upcoming Cinemax series Transporter had to shut down after star Chris Vance injured himself while shooting an action scene on set in Toronto.

Based on the successful movie series, Transporter stars Vance (Prison Break, Burn Notice), as Frank Martin, a “professional transporter,” originally played by Jason Statham in the movies. Deadline reports that production on the series was halted this week due to an injury sustained by Vance on set. While the site doesn’t say exactly how Vance injured himself or how serious it is, no official return has been set for the show, and the site does say the delay is expected to last two weeks.

“We want to ensure Chris’ return to peak physical condition before putting him back in front of the camera to continue shooting this fast-paced, action-packed series,” executive producer/showrunner Steve Shill said.

It’s good to hear the showrunner show concern for the series star (“of this fast-paced, action-packed series”). That may not have been the best time to plug the show, however Shill’s description does line up with what Vance told Entertainment Weekly back in May, describing the series as “high octane. Fast-paced. Action-packed. Car chases. Stunts. Fights, Beautiful girls. Villains. Heroes. Guns. It should be a lot of fun.”

Hopefully Vance is ok and is able to be back on his feet soon!

Kelly West
Kelly West

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