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Troy And Abed Address Community Fans Waiting For Season 4 Premiere

It's October 19th, which in another timeline, would mark the Season 4 premiere of Community on NBC. But the situation has changed. Somewhere someone must have rolled another number and instead of Community returning tonight, we have to wait for some undetermined date to see the NBC series back with new episodes. But today's date did not go unnoticed by Community, and though this video doesn't make up for the lack of a new episode, it's still really funny.

Troy and Abed in the morning! NBC released this video today, which has Troy and Abed discussing the Community date change. And the whole Greendale gang is present to comment on the situation.

"October 19th isn't just a date. It's a state of mind."

So the good news is, Community will still return on October 19th. Just not today… the 19th of October. It makes no sense at all and at the same time, I completely get it because I trust Troy and Abed's logic unconditionally. Also, this message is even more entertaining than the Friday Community promo that circulated over the summer. Or maybe I just miss Community so much that anything new from the seres is going to seem hilarious to me.

Community Season 4 will premiere Someday on NBC.