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True Blood And Game Of Thrones To Return To Comic Con

Winter is returning to San Diego for Comic Con this year, as is a certain beloved vampire-focused HBO drama series. And there's even better news. One of these series will be making the move over to substantially bigger Hall H. This is great to hear, considering how packed these panels tend to get.

TV Guide reported the news today, stating that HBO's Game of Thrones and True Blood will be returning to SDCC this year. While True Blood will remain in Ballroom 20, the standard big-room for popular TV panels, Game of Thrones is among the TV shows making the leap to Hall H this year, with a Friday panel. As we previously reported The Big Bang Theory has also landed a spot in Hall H, the auditorium traditionally reserved for the movie-related panels during the convention, excluding Sunday, when the things begin to wind down, and TV takes over Hall H.

Given the popularity of Game of Thrones at Comic Con, it seems like the right move to give the panel a room with significantly more seats. I would have hoped for the same for True Blood, especially considering I recall waiting for hours to get into Ballroom 20 last year and only just managed to score a seat near the back of the room for that panel.

True Blood's panel is set for Saturday (July 14). TV Guide doesn't mention who will be in attendance from either series. Those details may still be in the works. In the meantime, it's certainly good news to know both shows will be back at the convention.

On a related note, if I had a True Blood SDCC costume wish list, it would be to see someone dressed as maker-Pam, complete with ponytail and hideous yellow "Walmart sweatsuit."

More TV panel information for Comic Con can be found here.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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