True Blood Season 7 First Full Trailer Reveals Drama, Violence And A Lot Of Bodies

Following up on the previously released teaser clip for the seventh and final season of True Blood, HBO has released a bigger look at Season 7. If the above trailer is any indication, the last season of True Blood will feature a lot of drama, a lot of violence and a lot of bodies. But what else is new?

"They're coming for every goddamned human in this town," Sookie Stackhouse announces, ominously, near the end of the trailer. Who is they?

Fortunately, most of the lead characters on this series aren't human, right? Do Sookie and Jason even qualify as human? Regardless, it's evident True Blood Season 7 will have a substantial body count. There were bodies all over this trailer, including this disturbing glimpse of what appears to be a mass grave, and a glimpse of people hanging upside down...


And on the much-less-disturbing side, we have the steamy sight of what appears to be Sookie and Alcide getting smoochy.


It's right around that scene that Bill is seen asking Sookie "Do you love him?" and then then there's Sookie sounding uncertain as she says,"I thought once I'd had your blood, it was forever."

We also see Jessica sounding determined and protective...


And Pam may be up to no good...


There's also this splattery scene...


...Which leads into Sookie looking down at something (or more likely, someone) saying "No, no, no!"

No no

Is someone dying?

There's also the general sense that things are coming full circle, not only in the way that the trailer begins with flashbacks of the past but also in the way Sookie says people blame her for what's happened to Bon Temps, and that she doesn't want anyone else dying because of her. It's all coming to an end. Who will survive True Blood's last season?

True Blood Season 7 premieres Sunday, June 22 at 9:00 p.m. Et on HBO.

Kelly West
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