The final season of True Blood is nearly upon us and the latest video promoting Season 7 indicates that all hell is breaking loose in Bon Temps. The voice of Anna Paquin narrates the sequence of chaotic scenes in HBO's Season 7 "clip tease," as Sookie explains what's going on.

There was an attack at a church and sick vampires are ambushing. We get a glimpse of a feeding frenzy...


And this attack...


From what Sookie says, it sounds like the government isn't doing anything to help, though people are crying out for it...


And praying...


It seems like people are being forced to take matters into their own hands, as Sookie talks about the people of the town turning on each other and acting like animals...


We get a glimpse of something violent and bad happening...


And then finally, we have a shot of some of the few non-vampire characters all looking at something and Sookie saying "There's no one left."

no one left

Is it possible that True Blood will wrap up with Bon Temps -- and/or its residents -- being completely wiped out?

This is the first real eyeful of footage we're getting for Season 7 of True Blood. HBO released another teaser earlier this month when they announced the June 22 premiere date for Season 7. That one showed no footage from the new season, but reminded us of the numerous characters who have passed away since the start of True Blood's run. It's a reminder that no one is safe in a series like this. And given the new video, which suggests an all-out war is brewing, we have plenty of reason to be concerned about the fate of our favorite characters. In addition to Sookie Stackhouse, the new trailer gives us a glimpse of Jason, Lafayette, Tara, Jessica, Bill, Alcide and Sam, among others. Will all of them be on the same side of the battle that appears to be brewing?

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