Spoilers if you haven't watched the Season 7 premiere of True Blood!

The final season of True Blood has begun and it already has a body count! Heed the spoiler warning above, as we're about to talk specifics about tonight's Season 7 premiere of True Blood and what the preview for "In the Weeks Ahead" has revealed!

First and foremost, rest in peace Tara! Yes, she's really dead. I feel like there was reason enough to be wary of that situation, considering Lettie Mae's the only witness to Tara's demise. We never actually saw Tara go from a Tara-shaped vampire to a puddle of bloody goo, so it's possible Lettie Mae made the whole thing up or was somehow mistaken. It would've been a stretch, sure, but I mean, one minute we saw Tara and that other vampire fighting and the next minute, she's dead? From what Rutina Wesley told EW, it sounds like Tara really is dead. Well, more dead than she was previously. " I think it’s kinda cool that the last time you see me, it looks like I’m gonna win the fight, and then you cut to Lettie Mae. Me and that vampire went at it, and unfortunately, he wins. [Laughs]."

Of course, being dead doesn't necessarily mean gone. EW did bring up the V-induced hallucinations Lettie Mae was experiencing, which made her think she was seeing Tara. Is it possible that we'll see Tara again at some point? "She’s dead," Wesley told EW. "But I can tease that dead doesn’t always mean gone on True Blood."

So there may be more Tara to come, in some form or another, anyway.

Moving on to what's ahead, we know from the episode description for Episode 2, "I Found You" that "a trio of hostages" look to a familiar face to hopefully free them from the H-vamps. We might assume that trio is Arlene, Holly and Nicole, who were last seen locked up in the basement in Shreveport while other hostages were being brutally fed from by a bunch of H-vamps. Who's the familiar face that might help them? Some vampire who's fallen in with the wrong crowd, perhaps?

The preview also teases Pam's search for clues about Eric. The episode description says this hunt leads her to a "very familiar place."

Looking at the coming weeks, other teases include the body Sookie came across during her walk home, Sookie and Alcide's relationship, Jessica's wariness over having to feed off innocent people and was that Adilyn blasting some fairy light we saw in there? It'd be helpful for her to know how to do that, seeing as she's buddying up with Jessica and all.

True Blood airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. Et on HBO.

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