Bennett Miller
It might be hard to convince a two-time Academy Award nominee for Best Director to come to television, especially since his third film could be destined for the same fate, but Bennett Miller would undoubtedly produce an incredible season of True Detective. Miller got his Oscar nominations for helming Capote and Moneyball, two true stories that have little in common beyond being based on actual events. Well, as well as the talented filmmaker, the recently deceased Philip Seymour Hoffman and their impeccable quality. Hoffman would also have been a perfect fit for the series because, well, an actor of his caliber is a perfect fit for any project. Sadly, we won't see another collaboration between the two, not that it's important in the grand scheme.

Back to the list. Miller's next film is not only based on real events, again, but Foxcatcher, like Capote, also explores an actual crime with Steve Carell almost unrecognizable in the lead role. The director's affinity for true stories, probably born out of his documentary beginnings (The Cruise), fits the vérité feel of the present storyline of True Detective while his features also contain compositions as beautiful and haunting as any in Fukunaga's first season. Seriously, just watch the opening of Capote, the story behind "In Cold Blood," where Miller's camera explores the crime scene.

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