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When Garrity said to Maggie, “I don’t know if I love you or if I’m an idiot…” I just wanted to scream “You’re an idiot!”. Sure enough, I was right. In this week’s episode of ‘Rescue Me’, Maggie asks Garrity to be her boyfriend. She professes her love (ok, lets face it, its just lust) to him after seeing him punch out one of her many gentleman callers during his drug induced nocturnal quest.

Garrity’s new relationship with Maggie mainly consists of Garrity getting into fights with random New Yorkers while Maggie watches. Garrity learns the hard way that love really does hurt and he’s got the bruises to show for it. Perhaps its time he realizes that dating the female version of Tommy is going to land him in the hospital sooner than he thinks.

Meanwhile, the ‘Rescue Me’ funny of the week goes to Franco and Tommy for helping out Chief Reilly with his boss at the bar. After the cheesy-Urban-Outfitter-tee-shirt wearing bar manager refuses to pay Reilly, Tommy and Franco get him back by dangling the guy’s car from a crane. Nice one, guys.

And the WTF-moment of the episode goes to Sheila for raping Tommy and then having a breakdown over Tommy’s passed out body (she drugged him with what I assume was a sedative and Viagra or something along those lines). All of this took place after Tommy went on another fake date with Angie where they ran into Janet and Johnny. Tommy couldn’t have upset his brother if he’d peed on the guy’s leg. Oh wait! He did pee on his brother’s leg, didn’t he? After leaving Janet and Johnny both pissed off and pissed on, he and Angie go off to celebrate in the only way two scorned but sexy people can (they got it on). Tommy returns home to find Janet and that’s when she drugs him and rapes him. She trashes the apartment and leaves Tommy clutching his sister’s bottle of Vodka. Tommy wakes when Lou returns and assumes he’s fallen off the wagon. Poor guy.

I’m thinking that Sheila’s breakdown over Jimmy shows that she feels Tommy is the closet thing she can get to the man she’s loved pretty much her whole life. That doesn’t excuse her actions though. How long before we learn that Sheila’s pregnant? If that happens she’ll have to decide whether or not to tell Tommy what happened.

In other ‘Rescue Me’ news, Probie upsets his roommate when he takes a girl out on a date. He attempts to “seal the deal” with her but fails. Instead of doing the guy thing and chalking it up to too much booze or something, Probie confesses to the girl that he’s been somewhat experimental with his male roommate. Unphased by this, the girl tells him she’s “turned guys” before and would be willing to help Probie figure himself out.

Uncle Teddy’s life in prison gets better when his fiancé sneaks a cell phone in so they can exchange naked pictures of each other. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop on this whole situation. Maybe that’ll happen when Uncle Teddy gets released. Something is definitely building up with this situation.

That pretty much covers everything. Is it me or has the girl-power in this show gone way above and beyond the bounds of good taste? I’m not complaining. It makes for good drama but seriously, it’s not a wonder that Probie’s leaning towards the male persuasion these days. The women in this show are going to be the death of these guys. We’ve got one woman dating her ex-husband’s brother, another who drugs and rapes the man she supposedly loves, another whose going to land her guy in the hospital with all the fights he’s getting into and one who seemed like a good girlfriend until she kidnapped his child.
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