Ultimate Survival Alaska Star Found Murdered

James “Jimmy” Gojdics, former contestant on the National Geographic reality series Ultimate Survival Alaska, was found dead in his home this weekend, the victim of multiple gunshot wounds. The matter is currently being investigated as a homicide.

On Sunday, May 3, Alaskan State Troopers responded to reports of gunshots at Gojdics’ Old Elliott Highway residence near Fairbanks, Alaska. When they arrived at the scene, they found Gojdics alive and suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse as he was being transported to the local hospital, and he was later pronounced dead.

According to E! Online, Gojdics’ body was sent to the State Medical Examiner for an autopsy to be performed, while the Alaska Bureau of Investigation will continue looking into the matter as a murder, since multiple wounds of this kind don’t tend to imply any other scenario. No suspects or any other people involved were mentioned.

Under the name Jimmy Gaydos, Gojdics took part in Season 2 of Ultimate Survival Alaska as part of the Woodsmen with Yote Robertson and Tina Scheer. Take a look at the team’s introductory video below.

As described by the Nat Geo website, Gojdics was a man of many hats. He spent his life as a fisherman, a horse wrangler, a blacksmith, a forest service firefighter, a carpenter, an ironworker, a gold prospector, a river guide and a wilderness guide. These are just the kinds of attributes that made him a solid choice for the Ultimate Survival Alaska cast, though the Woodsmen actually ended up coming in fourth place and had to drop out of the competition early after Gojdics slipped on some moss and hurt his knee.

Here’s one of the video diaries Gojdics recorded before leaving the show.

This is the second former reality star to fall victim to an alleged murder in the past couple of months. In March, Food Network Star Christie Schoen Codd was found dead with her husband in North Carolina. Here’s hoping this is the last one we hear about.

The CinemaBlend crew’s thoughts and condolences go to the family and friends of James "Jimmy" Gojdics in their time of mourning.

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