UnderCovers Watch: Instructions

So, with our second episode, we're offered more sexy-times and an intriguing little dangler that perhaps our two leads don't know one another as well as we originally thought. Still, the show remains for the moment a done-in-one setup of frothy entertainment. Which I suppose is OK...for the moment.

We got a lot of the same formula as seen in the first episode: dastardly villain plans mayhem, Sam and Steven are brought in, trade deliciously witty opening lines, and save the day while shooting and kicking things...all while catering. Then, we get a cuddle-in-the-sheets scene. Everyone looks hot, their house is gorgeously decorated, and the entire cast has rock-hard sculpted bodies that are solid enough to eat off of. The end. And It's all lots of fun.

Thing is--I'm spoiled. I want MORE. It's episode two, and I want some story arcs, a stunning reveal or two, and a nailbiting cliffhanger that carries us all into next week. See? Spoiled. It'll take time to build a foundation to allow for all of that; I'm just antsy.

We get one shining moment of that this week, when Leo, fellow agent and Sam's old flame, alludes to "the real reason" Steven left the agency in the first place, which Sam is apparently out of the loop on. I was looking for something to hook us into a bigger plot, and maybe this is it.

Other fun-cute stuff in this episode: Leo and Steven versus an espresso machine (he can kill a man 647 ways, but he can't make you a latte! HILARITY!), Sam defusing a bomb in the standard CUT THE ____ WIRE moment of tension, and a totally sexypants, yet standard, sequence where everyone gets naked on-mission and changes into infiltration clothes. Yes, it's cloying. I don't care. You show us beautiful people stripping down and then climbing into expensive clothes while holding guns, and I'm petty much sold. I'm shallow. I've learned to deal with it.

The episode really picked up in the second half, when we get a lot more Leo and the mission actually gets underway. He's a fun foil for the blooms, all arrogant charm and perfect cheekbones. And nerd-tastic Hoyt even got a chance to show off he's not a complete screw-up tonight, which is good to see. His veiled homoerotic/hero-crush on Steven, though, fluctuates between cloying and just plain stupid. But the charm of our leads, and the general slickness of the production on this show, means I'm able to forgive a lot and generally have a pretty great time.

I know there's not a lot of recap in here, friends--there's just not a lot of big important things happening...yet. I get that the Bad Robot gang is trying to go all anti-LOST on us and construct a show that's accessible and easy to pick up and enjoy (at least for now!), and I appreciate that. This show just has all of the elements of throroughly addicting TV simmering just under the surface, though...I want it to be great, but it's merely really good for the moment.

Here's hoping that next week kicks us further into gear. What did you think, friends? Sound off below! See you in seven.