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Valerie Cherish Unveils The Comeback's New Twitter With A Quick, Funny Video

It's not like we didn't believe The Comeback's comeback was really happening, but this brief and amazingly teasy video of Valerie Cherish announcing her new Twitter page via cell phone cam brings the reality of The Comeback's second coming to life. Valerie Cherish is back! And she has a new Twitter, which Valerie seems to think is unnecessary because she already has "like... 800 followers..."

The above video popped up online today, along with this Tweet:

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Seeing Lisa Kudrow return as Valerie Cherish has me elated, and I'm sure I'm not alone, as many fans were disappointed when the original series didn't get renewed for a second season. There's been talk for months about the HBO comedy series possibly coming back, and HBO confirmed it earlier this month. The Comeback will return for a six-episode run this fall. Lisa Kudrow will reprise her role as Valerie Cherish, a (fictional) former sitcom star who made her big "comeback" with a new comedy and a reality show a decade back. The Comeback only aired one season on HBO, during which time -- through a faux-reality show format -- it told the story of Valerie's efforts to climb back on top in the industry, while adjusting to having her life and work taped for public viewing.

What's great about the above video is that, in just twelve seconds, it manages to capture a bit of the Valerie that fans fell in love with in the original series. She's well meaning and hard working, but she has a tendency to interject with her own opinions and ideas about how the producers should be presenting her "comeback." It's funny to see her at it again, bringing up how many Twitter followers she has, as if 800 would even be considered a lot for a celebrity. (Kudrow, for comparison's sake, has close to half a million). The only thing missing from the new video is Jane's voice quietly responding to Valerie with something like "The network wants it..."

HBO's announcement of the comedy's' return for a limited series this fall confirmed that Kudrow and co-creator Michael Patrick King will both be back to write the show, along with Amy B. Harris and John Riggi. Of the cast that's confirmed to come back are Lance Barber, Dan Bucatinsky, Robert Michael Morris, Laura Silverman and Damian Young. Hopefully we'll hear word confirming some of the other returning characters. Malin Akerman and Kellan Lutz were also among the original cast, both playing actors in the sitcom Valerie was starring in. It'd be interesting to see where all of the Room & Bored stars are "today" as the return of The Comeback will take place a decade after the events of the original series.

The Comeback's official Twitter going live today is hopefully an indication that there will be more Valerie Cherish updates between now and the fall!

Kelly West
Kelly West

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