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Much of History’s Vikings is set in a small kingdom run by leader Ragnar Lothbrok. Since the show is focused on a small population in a small area, it could be difficult for a series like Vikings to bring in new characters. Luckily, the Vikings are a wayfaring sort, prone to wandering, raiding and battling. With all of those opportunities for new characters, it’s no surprise that History is looking ahead, getting a jumpstart on casting Season 3. This week, the cable station announced Jennie Jacques, Luther Bluteau, Kevin Durand, Ben Robson and Morgane Polanksi have all joined the cast for the next installation of the hit series. Interestingly, Season 3 also looks to be including a brand new European country in its plot.

While Season 2 focused on trouble at home and raids in England, Season 3 will be heading into France. According to a press release from the network, Bluteau will be playing the King of France, Emperor Charles. Reportedly, the emperor will see the battle between his countrymen and the Vikings to be “spiritual” and “earthly.” Complicating the French plot will be Polanski, who will play Charles’ daughter, Princess Gisla. Clearly, with raids extending into a brand new country, we’ll see a lot of new names and faces in Season 3, as well as brand new landscapes.

Jacques should also play a pretty big role during Season 3 of Vikings. The actress has signed on to play the mother of the famous historical figure Alfred the Great, who historically reigned in Wessex from 871 to 899. Jacques’ character is named Judith, and according to Deadline, she is the daughter of Saxon King Aelle. She’s also married to a Viking named Aethelwulf. We’ve known for a while that future seasons of the series might feature some bigger historical characters, and it looks like that ball is finally rolling.

Although maybe not as historically relevant, Durand and Robson’s characters should also be interesting additions. With Rognar Lothbrok and his first wife Lagertha still at odds, she’ll be adding a trusted second-in-command. Robson has signed on to play that ally, Kalf. Finally, Durand will play a mysterious character named The Wanderer, who will not exactly be the person he appears to be.

History picked up Vikings for a third season quite some time ago, signing on for 10-episodes back in March. At the time, Season 2 was still early in its run. Since Vikings’ recent season only wrapped up last month, it will be quite some time before fans of the historical series will get new episodes. Vikings Season 3 won’t officially hit the schedule until sometime in 2015, but until then, at least we can use this casting news to speculate about what History has planned for the new season.

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