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Vikings Opening Sequence Shows Turbulent Waters

History has spent some time putting together its first original scripted series, Vikings. The show finally seems to be coming together, with lead roles given to Gabriel Byrne, Travis Fimmel, and Gustaf Skarsgard, and History has announced the series will premiere on March 3. Now, we have the official opening sequence for the original series, in High Definition, nonetheless, and as we should probably have expected, it focuses on turbulent waters, gold, weapons, and women.

En TV first posted the trailer, which is, for the most part, dark and gloomy. Since the series follows Viking leader Ragnar Lothbrok, who has pinned his hopes on heading across the vast ocean, it’s no surprise the series will use water as its starting point. Plus, since conflict in the Viking crew will come to a head during the nine episodes in Season 1, the foreboding nature of the trailer seems quite fitting. The flashes of flesh (or raw meat) and the creepiness of the crows present in a few shots are especially disconcerting and seem to prove that for some, death will be imminent.

If you are wanting to take a better look at the upcoming series, you can also view the first trailer for Vikings, which takes a look at some of the characters in full Viking makeup and costume. Additionally, some strange weapons and shields are highlighted.

History’s Vikings premieres March 3 at 10 p.m. ET.

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