Despite what some people may think, there is a still a football game to be played at the Super Bowl. Four teams are meeting on Sunday to fight for a birth in the big game. The New England Patriots face off against the Baltimore Ravens in the early game followed by the New York Giants against the San Francisco 49ers. And they should prove exciting. However, while the the ratings for said match-ups will undoubtedly be great, they will still pale in comparison to Super Bowl Sunday and not just because of the big game but also all of the trappings that now come with it, namely the half time show and the commercials.

What was once the world's most watched sporting match has now become an event much bigger than the game itself. Sure the popularity of the game may be what initially drew in the big half-time performers and advertisers but now it almost feels like they've become the main attraction. Each year the viewership seems to increase, which in turn means bigger half-times and bigger ads. Now those who care little for the plays on the field tune in just to see the trappings. When you already have the die-hard football fans guaranteed to tune in, you turn your attention to figuring out how to nab the rest of the demographics. The half-time show is a prime example of reaching previously untapped viewers, especially since they brought in Madonna - meaning, they aren't even pretending that the show was designed for the actual football fans. Plenty of people also tune in for the commercials.

In prep for the real game played during the intermissions, Volkswagen has just teased one of its 'Game Day Commerical Teaser' called The Bark Side. After the success of their last Star Wars themed ad, it's no surprise they go back to the well here. Take a look and make sure you watch till the end so as to not miss the best dog of all. Enjoy!

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