The Walking Dead Finale Left Melissa McBride Speechless

Things are really heating up on AMC’s apocalyptic hit The Walking Dead. We’ve been awaiting the massive threat that is Negan and the Saviors all season long, and last week saw Rick and the group going in to face the threat essentially blind. Perhaps not the best plan. With the group of crazies now in control of Maggie and Carol, and Negan and his bat slowly approaching the fray, it seems like the last few episodes of the season are going to be pure chaos. We’ve been warned that the season finale will be absolutely gruesome, and now actress Melissa McBride (aka cookie lady Carol) has opened up regarding her reaction to the script.

It was so very dark. I couldn't say anything after I had finished reading it. I felt like I had dropped into a black hole.

This statement, which comes to us from, is a pretty serious reaction- especially since it was just the words on the page rather than the action of performing the scenes.

Overall, the cast and crew’s reaction to the upcoming season finale is rather surprising. They work on a show that has had some of the most gruesome imagery in television history. We’ve seen Gareth eat Bob’s leg in front of him, the Governor take a sword to Hershel’s neck, and we all remember how utterly gruesome Noah’s death was. After all of the craziness that has happened over The Walking Dead’s six seasons, you’d think the cast would be a bit numb to the show’s violent nature. 

We’re all expecting Negan to take his signature bat Lucille to one of the main characters’ heads in the season finale. Now the question is: who is going to fall victim to Negan? I’ve been pretty staunchly convinced that Abraham or Daryl were going to get it, much to fans’ chagrin. However, after reading Melissa McBride’s statement, I’m now worried that something more disturbing is going to happen. While Abraham or Daryl’s death would surely anger fans, it presumably wouldn’t put McBride in a black hole- she’s seen characters die before. Instead, I’m now worrying for the fate of the most innocent characters: Judith and Maggie’s unborn child. 

We’ve seen a bunch of kids meet their maker in The Walking Dead. In addition to the freshly dead Sam and Ron, Lizzie, Mika, and Sophia have all been killed in the past. Killing off baby Judith seems so unbelievably tragic that it might be the exact darkness that the cast has been referencing. And in regards to the comic books, Judith has been dead for quite some time- she and Lori perished together during the Governor’s attack on the prison. But would AMC show such a controversial and disturbing death on the TV show? 

Only time will tell, as the countdown to the finale continues.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday on AMC. Melissa McBride will also be appearing on the aftershow, Talking Dead tonight, March 13th. 

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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