Watch 500 Episodes Of The Simpsons At Once, Because Life Is Too Short

Nowadays, with a seemingly endless supply of series available streaming with the click of a mouse, bingewatching TV shows is a pretty much recognized as a hobby. Of course, even the most dedicated of bingewatchers can only devote so much of their lives to watching television, and The Simpsons is one show with too many episodes to mainline. Life is just too short. Luckily for viewers everywhere, one YouTube user has found a way to show 500 episodes of The Simpsons at one time…and in ten minutes. Check it out!

Honestly, it’s hard not to watch the whole ten minutes of the YouTube clip. The 360° sphere of Simpsons is too much fun to play with. Still, settling on a screen or two to watch without giving in to a sensory overload of all the little boxes at once makes it easy to want to play it a second time to check out another couple of little screens. There are plenty of ways to waste time on YouTube, but surely 500 episodes of The Simpsons condensed into one video isn’t a waste, right?

I’m not sure exactly what drove the maker of this clip to want to condense 500 episodes into one video, but there’s no denying that there was skill involved. With 27 seasons of episodes to choose from, just picking which ones to include couldn’t have been a simple task. Besides, the 360° option on YouTube is still something of a novelty for many of us. The Simpsons sphere is certainly impressive.

In fact, the sphere is so creative that it feels as though it could have come right out of a Simpsons couch gag. It’s a credit to the show that the couch gags are continually changing per episode after 27 years, and a few seconds of 500 installments at once seems like just the sort of footage that would fit into the opening credits. If we see something like this in the not-too-distant future on The Simpsons, I for one wouldn’t be totally shocked.

On the other hand, The Simpsons has so much happening on the creative front in the coming months that experimenting with 360° clips as couch gags might be out of the question. In May of 2016, the show will end an episode with three minutes of live animated footage featuring Homer Simpson himself addressing the audience on topics of very current events. Two months may seem like plenty of time for the show to master live animation and have time to get super creative on other fronts, but what The Simpsons is endeavoring has never really been done before. It’ll be hard to blame anybody behind the scenes if nothing too fancy happens in the meantime.

Life may be too short for anybody to sit down and bingewatch 500 whole episodes of The Simpsons even in preparation of live footage, but the ten minutes of 500 episodes all at once is definitely doable. 

Laura Hurley
Senior Content Producer

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