Watch Amy Schumer's Hilariously Dark Friday Night Lights Spoof

The newly renewed Inside Amy Schumer kicked off its highly anticipated Season 3 with a bang last night. Or rather, with a pronounced stance against illegal banging. Check out the show’s hilarious spoof of Friday Night Lights and rape culture in the football world. Most uncomfortable mash-up ever.

Go Stewford Heights Bronconeers! Go Coach Thompson! But don’t go rape anyone! That’s the gist of this dark and confrontational sketch, which takes way more jabs at the sometimes awful state of sports-related sex crimes than at the hit NBC series. Not that Kyle Chandler’s Coach Taylor didn’t have his own share of drama, but we never had a chance to see him stoke his players’ athletic flames by enforcing a “No Raping!!!” rule. Because if there’s anything that gets young and virile football players more worried than adapting to a no huddle offense, it’s the concept of keeping all genitalia behind pant materials.

It’s such a strange sketch, as it’s ridiculously full of meek-minded scenarios in which a guy might consider it advantageous to…rape. (Did the air conditioner go out, or am I the only one feeling heat in here?) It’s absurd satire to ask if it’s okay to rape if a girl is dressed as a sexy owl for Halloween, or if she’s adopted, or if the girl in question said yes to a different question. More troublesome, of course, is the fact that the concept is immediately graspable by anyone who has paid attention to campus rape cases in the past few years, but that’s a subject better approached by other websites.

We’re more attuned to the always great Josh Charles selling every moment with his adamantly stern look when anyone shows him disregard. Or the way in which Schumer’s take on Connie Britton’s Tami Taylor is basically strutting around with a glass of wine. A glass that gets bigger every time we see her. While that last glass was a little bit too large to handle on a daily basis, I’d gladly accept this one as a gift from someone, wine included.


The moral of the story? Always listen to your coach when he tells you you’re a violent god. Buck your way to victory, people, by watching the Peabody Award-winning Inside Amy Schumer every Tuesday night on Comedy Central at 9:30 p.m. ET.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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