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Watch Chris Hemsworth Give An Ellen Employee The Surprise Of Her Life

Chris Hemsworth has been crushing on Ellen lately, between meeting the kid who found and returned his wallet to helping out Ellen DeGeneres behind-the-scenes this week. Hemsworth recently showed up at the Ellen office to surprise a co-worker who is obsessed with the Thor actor. You can check out the amusing feel-good bit, below.

There’s something about celebrities meeting super fans that is infinitely watchable. Even normally shy people tend to word vomit an inappropriate/amusing statement or two, as this lady who works on the Warner Bros. lot does. She at one point asks him to get naked before remembering he’s married. Then she tells him he has beautiful children, which of course, he does. He then turns the awkward comment into a joke, tossing some clothing over the side of the cubicle.

At this point, literally the entire office on the Warner Bros. lot has stopped working and come over to see what the commotion is about. Ellen’s totally coaching the celebrity and the office assistant on how to jazz this little sketch up a bit, which involves more tossing of clothes over the side of the cubicle. My favorite part comes when another lady in the office scoops up what she thinks is Chris Hemsworth’s sweatshirt.

chris hemsworth’s clothing

The Ellen Show has mastered this sort of feel-good segment at this point. I can’t tell you how many times the show has pulled harmless pranks or made dreams come true for random people living and working in Los Angeles and elsewhere. It’s no wonder she has one of the highest-rated programs on daytime TV. What is a wonder is how she managed to convince Chris Hemsworth to do this sort of segment for her as part of his promotion for the upcoming Ghostbusters movie.

It wouldn't be an Ellen segment without some sort of gift, and the show also decided to send the woman to the premiere of Ghostbusters in New York, including airfare and a hotel. She asked if she could skip taking her husband, which is just so perfectly in tone with the rest of this video.

If you'd like to catch more from Chris Hemsworth, Ghostbusters will premiere on July 15. In addition, you can catch new episodes of Ellen on weekdays in syndication. Check your local listings for times. And see what else TV has coming up with our summer premiere schedule.

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