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Making the rounds today is a cringe-worthy Family Feud fail. It's not the first game show video to circulate, showing off some epic fumble when it's all at stake, but this one certainly is a doozy. Those who are familiar with how the final round of Family Feud works know that two players from the winning family are chosen to answer a series of questions. The answers are based on a survey done prior to the game. All they have to do is try to come up with the most popular answer. Points are determined by the number of people who answered that same answer in the survey. The goal is for the combined total of points to be at least 200.

Watching the video above, we're brought into the final round halfway through. The first guy has already done his half of the round and he managed to score a whopping 182. That's considerably high, as it all but ensures a victory. All the second woman has to do is score 18 points. But as you see in the video, she doesn't score a single point. Leaving Steve Harvey to issue what seems like a very sincere apology to the audience.

I might've said "debt" for the thing a married couple is deeply in. The belly question was tough, but maybe "grow"? As for the noisy bug, "bee" or "fly" might've gotten some points. In fairness to the woman, the round moves fast and it's set up as sort of a "say the first thing that comes to your mind" situation. The 1-10 question at the start was a rough one, which may have thrown her off a bit. Either way, I feel bad for her. That seems like one of those situations where it seems so easy from the spectator's perspective, but it's much more stressful when you're in the hot seat. Hopefully her family goes easy on her. Maybe this video going viral will be the thing that allows them all to laugh at the situation.

In the meantime, she's certainly not the first game show contestant to fumble. If you have fifteen minutes, here's a series of funny game show answers...

What month does a woman start to look pregnant? September.

And here's a fail-video that focuses entirely on Wheel of Fortune...

I don't think I would've gotten "Loaded Gift Card" either.

And then there's the contestant whose achilles heel was apparently pronunciation. Watch that one here. Even Jon Hamm didn't have much luck on a game show. But how entertaining would they be if everybody won all the time?

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