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Watch The Goldbergs' Hilarious Recreation Of Adam F. Goldberg's New Kids On The Block Fan Video

Those who regularly watch The Goldbergs know that the episode tag usually consists of some home video from series creator Adam F. Goldberg's actual childhood. Such was the case with last night's "DannyDonnieJoeyJonJordan," and today, ABC posted the brilliant side-by-side video of Adam Goldberg and his friend's "New Kids On The Block" dance routine...

The video comes with the caption:

Adam Goldberg & Chad Kremp’s New Kids on the Block fan video!(This video is made possible by Chad Kremp who kept the footage after all these years. Visit for your next flower order!)

The Goldbergs' "DannyDonnieJoeyJonJordan" focused in part on Erica Goldberg's childhood obsession with New Kids on the Block, which she hasn't entirely outgrown. In an effort to make fun of her, her brothers Adam and Barry study up on all things NKOTB and eventually accidentally take a liking to them. Their "parody" video of "Hangin' Tough," which included a full-on choreographed dance routine (with some "crisp lines"!) ends up looking like a superfan video, which Erica uses to get revenge on them for their earlier efforts to expose her own NKOTB love. A lesson in siblings looking out for one another inevitably ensues, as The Goldbergs' humor often leads into the importance of family.

The tag ties it all together, showing us how art is imitating life, specifically as it relates to the series creator's 80s-set childhood.

In the case of this week's NKOTB-inspired episode, The Goldbergs may have topped itself with the closing video. Points to Chad Kremp for hanging onto that tape, and for his willingness to share it with the world. (I like to imagine that when he and Adam made the tape, somewhere deep down they knew someday it would be presented to the masses).

chad and Adam

Points for style...


And points to Sean Giambrone and Troy Gentile for recreating those moves with gusto...

Barry and Adam

Adam Goldberg dedicated the episode to the New Kids on the Block "my childhood guilty pleasure."

On a personal note, no judgment passed whatsoever on Goldberg or Chad Kremp for their musical preferences, dance skills and rad costume choices. I'd be lying if I tried to tell you it's entirely possible there's a video somewhere out in the world of my sisters and me doing a lip sync to Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now." #80s.

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