Watch Haddie And Kristina's Emotional Scene From The Parenthood Season Finale

Because it wouldn't be a Parenthood episode without a few tears shed, the NBC drama wrapped up its fifth season by bringing Sarah Ramos back to give us an update on Haddie. Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen "The Pontiac"!

NBC has shared the very emotional scene where Haddie reveals to her mother that she's her best friend Lauren is actually her girlfriend.

Ok, so technically, Haddie didn't break this news to her mother. Her brother Max did that for her by announcing that he spied Haddie and Lauren kissing. That gave Kristina a clue -- to put it mildly -- that her daughter might be exploring her sexuality. Haddie then confirmed to her mother that she and Lauren are dating when Kristina cautiously confronted her about the situation. And in the end, Kristina was extremely supportive. "I would never be upset with you for following your heart, ever," she said to Haddie. "And I just want you to be truly happy."

If I were to keep a list of all the times I teared up during this show, I'm pretty sure Kristina's name would be attached to most of them. Call it the Monica Potter effect. I cry at the end of Con Air, so I know for a fact that woman has something to do with my waterworks trigger. Still, this was a particularly moving scene, and impressively so when we consider that we haven't seen Haddie all season. Not only has she been away at college, but she's barely referenced by her family. So to bring her back and then to spin out such a moving story so effectively is a mark of how well this series manages their characters. And now that Haddie has been reintroduced to the story, looking beautiful and blonde and seeming very happy in her new relationship, I'm hopeful that we'll see more of her in the future.

At this point, we're still waiting for word on the fate of Parenthood, but the series left off with some open-ended arcs. Sarah and Hank appear to be on their way back to a romantic relationship, and the same applies to Amber and Ryan. But we also know Amber might be pregnant. At the very least, she was seen buying a test. Drew and Natalie are in love. He got to make a grand gesture when Zeke gave him his Pontiac and Drew drove it to Portland to say "I love you" back to Natalie. It was a very romantic moment for a relationship that's had some very un-romantic moments, so that was nice.

Meanwhile, Camille and Zeke moved out of their house. Is that the last we'll see of the Braverman family home? And what about Joel and Julia? It seems like they're easing back into one another's lives, at least through their kids. But is there any chance they'll reconnect as husband and wife? It's really hard to say. The fact that we see them functioning well together as parents could be a hint that this is it for them, and that the resolution of this issue isn't in bringing them back together but in demonstrating that they can love their kids and be there for them without being in love with each other.

There's enough closure in "The Pontiac" to declare the episode a solid finale, but enough unresolved issues to lead us wanting more, and hopefully NBC will give us more. There's no renewal yet, but fingers crossed that this isn't the last we'll see of the Bravermans!

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