The Bravermans have hit some tough challenges in recent episodes, and now fans will have to wait over a month to find out how they tackle them. As the preview for the series' upcoming episode returns, there will be no new Parenthood episode until after the Olympics. The series will return February 27, which is nearly a month away. Check out the preview for the drama's return below, and then we'll break down all of the unresolved issues we're left to sort through for the next month.

The preview gives us some clues as to what needs to be dealt with, but let's look at little closer at what's going on with this family…

Zeek and Camille are selling the house
For Zeek and Camille, we have Camille's determination to seek adventure in her life and Zeek's reluctance to support her. Last night's episode had him finally giving in and saying they could give up the house. But did they not notice what happened not long after? I was actually hoping that after Crosby showed up with his family and Julia showed up with hers, they would look around and realize, "Hey, we're the shelter from the storm. We couldn't possibly sell our house!" But that conversation didn't happen and the preview above indicates that they're looking to go through with it. But Zeek's reaction when questioned about it makes me think he's only consenting because he knows he needs to. It's either move to a condo or watch Camille head back to Europe. I'm thinking if they're going to keep their house, it'll be Camille's choice.

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