5 Unresolved Braverman Situations To Obsess Over While Parenthood Is On Hiatus

The Bravermans have hit some tough challenges in recent episodes, and now fans will have to wait over a month to find out how they tackle them. As the preview for the series' upcoming episode returns, there will be no new Parenthood episode until after the Olympics. The series will return February 27, which is nearly a month away. Check out the preview for the drama's return below, and then we'll break down all of the unresolved issues we're left to sort through for the next month.

The preview gives us some clues as to what needs to be dealt with, but let's look at little closer at what's going on with this family…


Zeek and Camille are selling the house

For Zeek and Camille, we have Camille's determination to seek adventure in her life and Zeek's reluctance to support her. Last night's episode had him finally giving in and saying they could give up the house. But did they not notice what happened not long after? I was actually hoping that after Crosby showed up with his family and Julia showed up with hers, they would look around and realize, "Hey, we're the shelter from the storm. We couldn't possibly sell our house!" But that conversation didn't happen and the preview above indicates that they're looking to go through with it. But Zeek's reaction when questioned about it makes me think he's only consenting because he knows he needs to. It's either move to a condo or watch Camille head back to Europe. I'm thinking if they're going to keep their house, it'll be Camille's choice.


Joel left.

Now on to Julia and Joel. Am I alone in being really frustrated with Joel? Don't get me wrong. He has every right to be upset over Julia kissing Roy from The Office. But their problems actually go back before that. Julia's friendship with Ed only really started to develop as Joel was spending more time at work and they were fighting more often. I'm not playing the blame game here, but Joel does seem determined to leave and he hasn't really explained why. I feel like if he had one conversation with someone -- Julia or someone else, doesn't matter -- that at least would clue us in on why he's so hellbent on leaving, I'd have an easier time not being annoyed with him. Was it just the kiss? Has he been thinking about this for a while? Is he trying to punish Julia or is he just set on getting a divorce? I might feel more sympathetic toward him if I understood what was going on in his head, but it's like he doesn't even want to talk about it. He just wants to go and never mind giving Julia (or us) a reason. I have to believe they'll get back together but at this point, I'm just annoyed with him for not being more open with why he's walking out. But points to Xolo Mariduena for his reaction when Julia and Joel told the kids. Savannah Paige Rae did great too but it was Victor's tears that triggered my own.


Sarah's love life.

Sarah's semi-relationship with her tenant seems like it's becoming a thing. I guess I'll have to learn that guy's name. The fact that I don't know it off the top of my head might be an indication that I'm not nearly as invested in the relationship as I might need to be. The thing about Carl is (yeah, I looked it up), he's pretty ordinary. And I mean, well-above-average ordinary and the good kind of ordinary. Good-looking, motivated and altogether together, not to mention age-appropriate. That might be why he doesn't jump out at me as being "the guy" because there's always something about whoever Sarah dates, and this guy seems so right, he can't possibly be right, right? Plus, Hank's still around. And they're playing up his quirks a lot this season, going as far as to suggest he might have Aspergers. I actually like the Hank/Max relationship just fine that I haven't exactly been pining over the idea of Sarah and Hank reuniting. But he's still around, which makes me feel like, at some point, Sarah and he will try to start over, especially now that they're working together.


Crosby and Jasmine have mold.

And then there's Crosby and Jasmine. Their house has mold and it's going to cost them a lot of money. Relatively speaking, this is a minor issue. I mean, their family's not falling apart, right? And Jasmine seems like she's confident they'll figure it out. So I'm not worried about them. In the meantime, they're stuck living at Zeek and Camille's. Is that a longterm thing or will the series return with them back living in their old place?


The kids.

Ok, this last one actually combines a bunch of issues into one, but since they're all related to the kids, it seemed fitting to lump them all together. Adam and Kristina have Max's issues to deal with. It seems like mainstream school is no longer a good fit for him and they're realizing a decision needs to be made. Did we see Drew and Amber at all last night? Either way, both have their own issues. Amber's heart is broken and Drew's girlfriend is basically still living with him right? So there's that to resolve. Oh, and don't forget Haddie! Who? Right. No one talks about her. How come we didn't at least get a Different World-type college spinoff for Haddie, Jason Katims? Please have someone — anyone — mention her name before the season's over so we know she's still alive.

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