Watch Jimmy Kimmel Go Off On Parents Who Don't Vaccinate

Comedian and late show host Jimmy Kimmel is constantly finding new ways to crack up audiences on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Last night, in an effort to address the current measles outbreak in the U.S. and around the world, he entertained fans with a little anti-anti-vaccination PSA. In this latest clip, watch as the funnyman gets out the word about the anti-vaccination movement, telling folks to get their shots while simultaneously making them laugh.

As seen in the above video, Kimmel finds a way to make even the most serious of subjects like measles vaccinations entertaining. Anyone should be able to appreciate the comedians ability to talk current issues while also not getting too dire. After all, the reason we watch the show is to laugh, plain and simple. The way he breaks down a subject like this only reaffirms that he and his team of writers are absolutely on their A-game. Whether you are for vaccinations or against, it's difficult to deny Kimmel's comedic sensibilities are spot-on when dealing with the subject matter.

His saying Californians are more scared of gluten (a topic he has hilariously addressed in the past) than smallpox was priceless, as was his comparing getting a shot of Botox to a Polio vaccine. The funniest part of the skit came later in the clip when several “supposed” doctors addressed viewers to state their case for vaccinations. Rather than get all serious on us, the medical professionals drop some knowledge while also keeping the tone in the right place. Informative, yet funny.

Hey, remember that time you got polio? No you don't because your parents got you f*cking vaccinated.

The anti-vaccination debate goes way back. Some oppose them citing religious reasons, individual liberties and/or the government's financial motives while a large number of individuals are against them strictly due to their alleged links to autism. Medical experts, on the other hand, strongly believe the benefits of vaccinations far outweigh the potential risks and urge everyone to get their shots. Some experts even blame the current measles outbreak largely on the growing anti-vaccination lobby.

Kimmel isn't the first TV personality to address the issue of vaccinations in America. Three weeks ago, Jon Stewart did a segment on the same subject, making fun of the situation by integrating Samuel L. Jackson's ridiculous Snakes On A Plane character to help illustrate his point. Check out the clip of Stewart below.

While we much prefer seeing him pranking everyday people or celebrities like John Krasinski and wife Emily Blunt, it's difficult to argue the host's ability to make comedy out of just about anything. He is a masterful joke-teller who knows how to inject humor in even the most negative of circumstances. Take for example his widely popular segment “Mean Tweets” (which you can check out here and here), which sees celebrities and athletes reading the unflattering things said about them on the internet. Sounds pretty boring, I know, but it's actually consistently funny.

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