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The Mirrorball Trophy may have been awarded to Alfonso Ribeiro last night, but he had some serious competition throughout the season, from the likes of Sadie Roberston, Janel Parrish, Jonathan Bennett and more. The latter may have not had any huge mishaps once he took the Dancing With The Stars stage, but a recent video reveals the Mean Girls star took a gigantic fall while practicing for ABC’s hit series. Check it out, below.

Hilariously during this short video, the actor seems to be jokingly practicing for his then-upcoming appearance on the hit series. At one point, a giant apple prop pops up, while at another point Bennett takes to the stairs to show off his dance moves. It’s during his routine on the stairs that he loses his balance. He’s leaning on a bannister halfway up a staircase when slides over the railing, falling several feet and slamming into the ground. The spill occurs around the 20-second mark and it looks seriously painful.

Apparently, it was seriously painful. According to TMZ, the actor ended up having to wear a sling around one arm…and he ended up with two broken ribs. Bennett and his friends might have been dancing to Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings,” but there was no cushion for the actor when he took a tumble onto the cold, hard floor.

Bennett was fine by the time Dancing with the Stars Season 19 began airing and he competed on the show for several weeks before being the fifth contestant to be eliminated. (Unfortunately, a jitterbug with more than a few mistakes failed to help him move forward in the competition.)


Still, we’re just happy to see he was coordinated enough to get through the dances without a major disaster after that huge tumble. He even came back during last night’s finale and accomplished a pretty sweet dance.

I’m not sure if he’ll be back for the Dancing With the Stars Live! event set to kick off next month, but as long as they don’t put him on “Wind Beneath My Wings,” I think he’ll be safe.