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Watch A Lakers Fan Change Into A Warriors Jersey During Last Night's Blowout

Earlier today, we talked about a Jeopardy! contestant’s questionable interest in the world of sports, and now we’ve got an actual sports fan whose dedication to his preferred team is the part in question. Check out this guy trying to hide his Los Angeles Lakers jersey as the home team was getting stomped by the Golden State Warriors.

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It would be funny enough if this moment of backstabbing bandwagon-jumping was caught by someone’s personal camera at the game, but this shot was actually on national TV, making this guy either a hero to Warriors fans or a villain to Lakers fans. Either way, he’s probably not the only person displeased with the way the Lakers have been playing, as their 8-28 record is nothing to celebrate. Still, publically shifting sides to the opposing team like that is downright treasonous, and I’m betting all of this guy’s friends have let him have it all day long.

I’d bet money that this is how that Lakers Warriors fan reacted after learning the country saw him making the switch.


You’ll probably never see Homer Simpson making the switch from the Springfield Isotopes to the Shelbyville Shelbyvillians. At least not on national TV.

But hey, maybe we’re being way too hard on this guy without knowing the whole story. There are plenty of perfectly innocent reasons why he might have decided to pop on a new jersey. Maybe he’d bought it as a gift for a friend who didn’t get to go to the game, and he decided a more economical use of his hands would be to stop holding it and put it on. Or maybe it was extremely cold in the Staples Center, and it only happened to affect his chest, stomach and back areas, so he decided to warm up with another layer of clothing. Or maybe he’s a Russian sleeper agent whose contact…Okay, so maybe it was exactly what it looked like.

The Lakers will be headed to the Oracle Center in Oakland on January 14 for their next contest against the Warriors. Keep a close eye out to see if this guy will be in the crowd, again making an inopportune wardrobe change.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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