Watch A Bills Fan Light Himself On Fire While Tailgating

We here at CinemaBlend get pretty passionate in our discussions about movies and TV, but if there’s one form of entertainment where things can get even more heated, it has to be sports. By the way, when we say heated we mean that completely literally. A video taken at a recent tailgate for a Buffalo Bills game has gone viral for showing an NFL fan set himself on fire. Check out the hot footage below to see for yourself.

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We weren’t kidding about that video were we? He literally set himself on fire for the sake of his team. From what we can deduce, it appears the fans at the tailgate started a bonfire – because why not? – and this genius fan decided to perform some sort of wrestling move on the raging inferno. As one might expect, things soon get out of hand as his coat catches on fire and the rest of the tailgaters must band together to help put out the flames. Reactions to the video on Twitter were varied to say the least; some thought the man was incredibly stupid for his actions, others found the whole thing unreasonably hilarious, and even a local news station chimed in saying that they wished to use the video during a sports broadcast (we struggled not to think of Nightcrawler in that moment).

What makes this video so entertaining/confusing is the sheer lack of concern on the part of the man who has just been set on fire. He rolls around in a desperate attempt to put out the flames, but he seems so overtaken with fun and enjoyment that he’s not afraid of what might happen. The rest of the fans soon step in and use their beers to help extinguish the fire, which totally seemed like waste of beer until we came to the realization that most of these fans probably had enough beer in them already to concoct this sort of scheme.

Then again, we shouldn’t judge these guys. This is just the type of response one would hope to elicit from a sporting event. Sure, it’s incredibly dumb to set oneself on fire in the name of a sports team, but events like this bring people together and create a sense of camaraderie unlike anything else. Whether it be cinema, television, sports, video games, or whatever else, events like this help you forge a bond with others over a common shared interest. That being said, please don't try this at home. Try to find a safer way to express your love for whatever it is you enjoy, but if you can't... I guess just make sure it ends up on Twitter?

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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