Cersei Lannister has a real way with words. The woman knows how to deliver a biting remark, and that's as much a credit to Game of Thrones' writing and source material as it is to Lena Headey's timing and line delivery. Everything from the accent to the facial expressions to the inflection combines for some truly great Cersei moments in the HBO series, and Jimmy Kimmel made good use of that when he had Lena Headey on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

As you can see in the video above, the two have decided to engage in a bit of verbal sparring over some goblets of wine, Game of Thrones-style. Their retorts grow increasingly more intense with each bit of banter. So let's break it down with some memes and see who won this Game of Words?

Headey kicks off the match by complimenting Kimmel's tie... before insulting and threatening him...


Jimmy Kimmel decides to play the incest card right away in response...


Unaffected by the jab about Cersei's sexual relationship with her brother Jaime, Headey responds once again by threatening Kimmel... after making light of his "fun" job as a late night talk show host...


Kimmel makes a living bringing laughter to our living rooms. And Cersei makes hers sucking the life out of every rooms he enters... challenge

This is where the claws really start to come out though, as Headey compliments Kimmel's way with words, before pondering how clever he'd be without his tongue...


Kimmel plays the power card here, reminding Headey that she's a guest at House Kimmel, and she might not be invited back...


Lena Headey gets the last line in here and instead of using it to threaten Kimmel, she makes a bedroom joke...

every night

I'm going to give this game to Lena Headey. Kimmel was funny, but Headey proves she's as bone-chillingly severe with words as her Game of Thrones character!

If you're a Game of Thrones fan, check out our recap for last Sunday night's finale here. And find out what we know so far about Season 5 Here.

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