Watch The Parenthood And Friday Night Lights Web Series Right Now

Almost everyone loves a good crossover/mash-up. Particularly when they see two very good things come together, like in the Jason Katims-a-palooza that is Friday Night at The Luncheonette. It’s here, it’s here! Just like we told you it would be. A 4-part web series mash up of Katims’ two biggest shows — Friday Night Lights and Parenthoodarrived online today with a sneak peek to satiate the needs of Parenthood fans until it returns to NBC on February 27th. Not to mention seriously excite those among us with clear eyes and full hearts that just can’t seem to let Dillon, Texas go.

Clocking in at 2:32, the first part of the four-part web series gives us but a glimpse into what’s to come, but does set the stage a bit for how a California to Texas crossover could occur. The whole thing begins with Amber working after hours at The Luncheonette recording studio while simultaneously watching Max and his camera phone bug her both literally and figuratively. After a truly enlightening conversation about cockroaches, there’s a knock on the door and suddenly: Landry Clarke! Who, natch, Amber calls “Lance,” which was all-in-all too much (in the best way).

And there are so many tiny, FNL centric details in the clip, including the mention that Jesse Plemons (the actor otherwise known as Landry) was “Becky [Sproles]’s friend.” To say nothing of the wardrobe choices: matching cardigans aside, Amber’s wearing an East Dillon High School t-shirt, another nod to the previous Katims series.

In what we hope will be explained in parts 2 – 4, Landry and his band Crucifictorious are, for some reason, in Berkeley for a bit of a recording session. Beyond that, details are scarce. Though, we do know that Billy Riggins (Derek Phillips) is slated to appear as well, which is sure to be fun (especially if they tap Matt Lauria who has appeared on both series to somehow get in on the mix, too) and probably a bit disastrous to boot.

And just in case you’ve somehow forgotten the musical stylings of Crucifictorious, allow us to remind you with a clip from their first time playing live on Friday Night Lights — it’s a doozy if you’re unaware of their particular genre, so just be prepared.

Now hurry up and give us the next installments, Katims!