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The holidays are a time for love and joy, as well as for snickering a little when a present gets caught on the normally impeccable Vanna White’s dress. The longtime letter turner on Wheel of Fortune had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction during last week’s episode, and it was humorously caught online for us to smile at. You can catch the full scene where Vanna walked with a present attached to her dress, below.

It was a normal day on Wheel of Fortune. A contestant spun the wheel and nearly hit the bankrupt button, but the wheel slowed down enough at the very last second to earn her the $2500 button. The contestant guessed the letter “F” and since there were two of that letter on the board, Vanna had to do a little bit of finagling across the stage to reach both. Unfortunately, as she was walking, the netting came into contact with one of the presents some stagehand had wrapped for the backdrop and the gift totally attached itself to the dress.


I have no idea how she doesn’t notice this present right away, other than surmising that the package was a lightweight box with nothing in it and didn’t really cause White to slow down or move in an odd manor. To her credit, after Vanna got across the stage, she actually looked down and noticed the gift and sort of slid it behind her like she had always meant to move the box across the stage to its new location. What a true professional.

We see fun stuff happen on Wheel of Fortune all of the time. Most of the time when moments go viral on the game show, it’s because people are simply terrible, leading Pat Sajak to freak out or the bad answers to later get uploaded to video sites so fans can watch and feel superior to the contestants. Occasionally, a contestant is actually so good at the puzzle game that the moment also goes viral, but those occasions are rarer. Still, I don’t think we’ve ever seen a Wheel of Fortune moment hit the web thanks to a wardrobe malfunction, and we’re very happy for Vanna White that malfunction was just a present stuck to a dress rather than something a little more, er, showy.

It would be the greatest thing ever if this taping happened on one of those days that Pat Sajak and Vanna White went out and had a little fun before the Wheel of Fortune tapings. However, we’ve heard the two are no longer boozing before shows, so we’re guessing this present was a mere accident.

There’s more Wheel of Fortune coming our way for a while. The show was renewed a short time back through 2016, along with other syndicated game show, Jeopardy!.