Watch President Obama Read Mean Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Ever since Jimmy Kimmel introduced the hilarious segment Mean Tweets to Jimmy Kimmel Live! audiences, he’s gotten big names such as Chris Pratt, Katy Perry and even himself to verbalize their haters’ social media thoughts. But Kimmel topped them all tonight, as President Barack Obama stopped by the show and read a few mean tweets about himself. Check it out below!

Obama, who was originally supposed to hit Jimmy Kimmel Live! last year before having to cancel, seemed perfectly game to go through this segment. Of course, he’s also reading some of the tamest things that have ever been written on Twitter. Obviously Kimmel and his staff aren’t going to bring out any truly damning insults, as that would add a little too much discomfort, but I’m not truly convinced that it wasn’t the show’s writers that penned these gems. Especially the one about shining a flashlight in his ears to make his eyes light up. That’s some serious grade school trashtalk.

Really, that first one is the one that strikes the hardest, and Obama’s face is pretty priceless after he reads it. Nice of him to deliver a bit of presidential backtalk, such as when he calls an “lol” redundant when there was already a “haha” in the message. Shot fired. And he also now seems to grasp that certain kinds of jeans just aren’t meant for anyone to wear.

obama mean tweets

Obama, whom Kimmel jokingly introduced as “the first Kenyan-born Muslim Socialist ever elected president,” mused afterward that Kimmel should “see what the Senate says about me.” The interview itself was pretty amusing, with the POTUS admitting that he can’t use a cellphone with a recorder on it, he can’t drive, and he doesn’t walk around the White House in his underwear on sandwich hunts, even though he could. He also brought up that he and Sean Penn, Kimmel’s second guest, spoke in the green room, and he had something fun to say about Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

I lived it. I didn’t just see it.

We assume he’s not talking specifically about Jeff Spicoli’s storyline. But then he also shared a few words about Area 51, so who knows?

Obama also appeared on The Colbert Report a few months ago before Stephen Colbert called it quits in anticipation for his Late Show gig. Where will he show up next? Fingers crossed for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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