There's a secret about HBO Go and College Humor has found a way to bring it to light with one of their sketches. Those familiar with the premium channel's streaming video service know that HBO Go is like Netflix, in that it offers a virtual buffet of streaming content accessible through mobile devices or your web browser if you're an HBO subscriber. HBO Go includes all of HBO's original series and whatever movies, specials and other content they're currently showing on their channels. It's a "free" perk for subscribers of the channel… and judging by this video, which exposes the secret of HBO Go, it's a perk for their friends too…

Watching the trail of HBO Go "borrowers" gets funnier and funnier, right to the very end when it's revealed that the original owner of the account is none other than Tony Soprano himself. And he's not giving it up anymore. Don't stop believing!

Those who can relate to the video will likely find it to be much funnier than those of us whose cable bills are starting to resemble a car payment. Still, points for humor and the big finish!

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